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Wolves 0 - Sunderland 0 A disappointing verdict thread

Parkins left foot

'Quirk's Gay Game Winner'
May 11, 2012
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Other teams will do this when we are at home - we need to find a way to deal with it

Nuno will not be happy & will no doubt solve the problem - still top of the league & not a disaster
Fair play Sunderland. Knew what they needed to do and did it.

I won't say I'm concerned that we couldn't unlock them but it is something we will probably need to figure out if we want to stay top so comfortably.
I've not been following this one but it seems like the kind of game where a bit more firepower might be handy. Hopefully we'll be getting a few more options up front in Jan
Fair result did nowhere near enough today, in fact it’s probably the worse performance of the season so far, Sunderland did a good job defensively and deserved their point.
Can't say I blame Sunderland - almost bottom of the league away to the league leaders who have scored a shed load of goals

Keep it tight, sneak out with a goalless draw (or even nick an unlikely late winner) - would do the same in their position

Up to us to unlock their defence - didn't do that

We will face others who go the same way & need to work out how to deal with that
We're going to come up against teams who'll play like this, but have to find a way other than trying to walk it into the net. Sometimes playing ugly and getting ball into the box quicker is more effective - too much fannying around outside the box today.
Neves absolutely purred today, didn’t put a foot wrong...but I kept wondering whether we were too reliant on him? Today more than I’ve seen before, we seemed to just look to get Neves on the ball at every opportunity and hope he could unlock the door. This was probably to the detriment of other players taking responsibility.
Fair play to Sunderland. Defended well.
As an aside, how did Gooch look for them? There was some hype around him over here (he's American) when Sunderland were in the Prem but I haven't heard much since they got relegated. Did he look okay?
Coleman had them well organised and made them very difficult to break down, fair play to them for that. As for us up to the final 3rd we were good but we need to find a better way than putting crosses on John ö Shea's head. Jota Bonatini quiet and Leo in particular with the best chance of the game slicing it horribly. Cav other than a few long range efforts did very little. We ideally need something else to switch things up.

MOTM Neves

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Jesus - it's sackcloth and ashes on the dark side. Unbelievable.
These results often happen when a rampant team plays a struggling one - congratulations to Tredman, but your new nipper will have to be Chris, rather than Ivan or Leo.

I'll take where we are right now!
This is really not a game to get upset over - Sunderland did what a number of teams at that end of the league will try & do

Up to us to deal with that - we didn't today

No doubt Nuno will solve the problem before many more games have passed by
Even he very best sides struggle to break down teams when set up like Sunderland were today. As an example look at the stats for West Ham v Chelsea today and the players they have at their disposal. We have some of the best creative players in the league, we pass the ball better than most teams, we are solid against the break. 9 times out of 10 we’d get the break /piece of brilliance that enables us to score the first goal, different game then. This was that 1 in 10 when for whatever reason we weren’t able to score. Not too disheartened, move on to the next game.
Still 8 points clear of 3rd - Weds & Ipswich up next & would be surprised if either try Sunderland's tactics

2 winnable games
Just got in and a little disappointed, Sunderland not surprisingly made little to no attempt to win the game and we never looked likely to break them down. Then with 10 it was even worse which did us no favours. We were too predictable and never really moved the ball quickly enough. Felt Nuno missed a trick by not pulling off a centre half, especially once they went down to ten. At the very least I'd have hauled Bennett off and switched Saiss to defence if he wanted to keep the same shape. Leo had a bit of a stinker and really should have been hoiked, goes to show we definitely need another similar forward as he is crucial to the way we play.

Some credit to Sunderland who defended very deep but also didn't give us a lot of space to play in the final third.
I thought Neves was superb today. Jota and a Leo wern' t on the same wavelength as they normally are. Still top and playing good football .
Possession 71%
Shots 24
On Target 4
Clear Cut Chances 0

Sums it up really. We just needed to be a bit more creative in the final third. It was all a bit 'pass to Neves and hope he does something special'.
I thought Neves was superb today. Jota and a Leo wern' t on the same wavelength as they normally are. Still top and playing good football .

Neves easily the best player on the park today, didn't miss a beat really.