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Wolves 1 Ipswich 0 verdict thread

Parkins left foot

'Quirk's Gay Game Winner'
May 11, 2012
Reaction score
Another 1 goal win - really don't look like conceding

Other teams are trying to stop us getting the first goal & get us on the break which is why we are not scoring loads - doesn't do them any good

Boly MoTM for me from what I heard

Who we play really doesn't matter - plus Cardiff lose & Bristol City draw so everyone further away from us after today
Easy stuff that. Should have scored more but can't do it all the time. Costa and Bright both did well I thought.

Neves MOTM again for me.
Yet to concede a goal in December - can we continue this v Milwall & Bristol?
That Costa chance from Neves ball over the top was so good
64% possession - 17 shots against 5 (with 5 on target against 2)

There is a need to get more of our shots on target, but we are really not giving much opportunity for anyone to score against us
Another great result, tbh happy to keep grinding out 1-0s against defensive sides, Bristol dropped points too, a good afternoon for us
The way or defence is right now means that we get a 0-0 draw as a worst case scenario! Happy with 1-0 wins at the moment, 7 points clear, happy days
Wolves now have the top defence and attack in the league
54 points at the halfway stage - 7 clear of second & 10 clear of the chasing pack

This is dreamland

(plus Brum still bottom - so an added bonus really)
The system we play just makes it so hard for teams to get a foothold against us. Since the Reading game (which we easily could have lost), we have never looked in danger of conceding. I do wish we would settle into more possession in the attacking third but we're on pace for an obscene points total and don't look to have any rivals at this level, so I can't really complain.

I think we're in for a lot of these nervous-but-comfortable 1 goal victories.
At this rate we will be having the promotion party several weeks before we play Sunderland.
At this rate we will be having the promotion party several weeks before we play Sunderland.

Easy tiger, let's not get carried away. Everything's going for us at the moment, but things can change quickly.
Let's do what Nuno does, and concentrate on the next game.
That was probably the most comfortable 1-0 win you will ever see.

Good to see Costa looking good when he came on and Jota back to himself again.

Boly just edges Neves for MotM.
That ball from Boly to Jota in the first half was sublime.

We need to keep grinding away but no reason why we can’t run away with the league from here.
Boly was superb but I'll give MOTM to Neves purely for that pass to Costa!
'We only score once

We only score once

You're still not winning

We only score once'

(whatever tune you want to put to that)

Would rather a Bolton scoreline as its better for my blood pressure, but that will do

(Note that the thread title has changed - doesn't really matter who we play. Doesn't look like a different outcome at the moment.)
Another easy 1-0 win against another team that didn't come to attack. We never looked in any trouble and coasted to another victory. Both Costa and Bright showed when they came on that they can be called upon if needed and the midfield 2 along with the back 3 are as comfortable as ever. 7 points clear with 2 really tough games coming up and if we can win them then it really is all over.
How was Bennett? Have to admit I didn't think his run in the team would last this long.
I thought Bennett was really good today. Got forward well at times and improved passing.