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Wolves - Ipswich Matchday Thread

Norman Deeley

Dean Saunders's Press Officer
Feb 13, 2012
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Just trying to maintain my 100% record with matchday threads. All this talk about MM and Dave Edwards this week - let's hope Nuno and the boys give us a decent Xmas present today. 3-0 Wolves for me
After spending the week in bed, I'm still not up to going to the match, so I'm sure it'll be a brilliant performance
And just the one change - dead-ball Bazza is back

Subs as you'd expect: Alf, Batth, MGW, Bright, Norris, Vinagre, Costa
Baz in for Vinagre only change.

Edit: beaten to it!
Right team choice - they have had enough recovery time

Next game in 3 days so might see some for that depending on how they finish today's match
Watching the warm up its very clear on each teams tactics: wolves practising close control, closing down and quick passes; Ipswich practising hoofing it.
Jota down after tangling with Spence - damaged boot so clearly something down on his foot

New boot needed
Good passing move by Wolves - ends with Cav winning the first corner of the game
Cav feeds Leo who holds & finds Neves - superb ball in is an inch off Cav's boot as he carries his run forward

Could well have been a superb goal
Keep updating Peter - currently on shore in Caribbean picking up infrequent WiFi
Ruddy takes a GK short to Coady who plays it back to him - Ruddy stumbles & if that was wider could have been an embarrassing own goal

Ruddy just gets his foot to it to prevent any red faces
How are Ipswich setting up ? Like Sunderland or Cardiff ?
Boly goes to challenge Ward who decides that he doesn't want any of that and backs off - Boly ends up there at speed & as a result the ball appears well into the stand as there's no one to challenge any more
Brum have scored their 11th goal of the season - still aren't winning :icon_lol: