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  1. darlowolf64

    Season Ticket Discussion

    But I didn't get a like :( 😂
  2. darlowolf64

    Summer 2022 Transfer Window

    Post #2 The season is over for Middlesbrough and I have seen a few bits mentioned up here about Marcus Tavernier to Wolves (or Southampton)
  3. darlowolf64

    Ex-Wolf Watch

    Post #1 The season has ended and Jake Cassidy has been released by Darlo
  4. darlowolf64

    Season Ticket Discussion

    Just went through my emails and they have auto renewed me...
  5. darlowolf64

    Boris at it again

    The SNP member just stuffed him good and proper!
  6. darlowolf64

    Boris at it again

    I like that the Whip has asked that he doesn't attend Parliament... Bit difficult to attend when you're in a police cell
  7. darlowolf64

    Prediction league 2021-22 (week 37) 15 - 19 MAY 2022

    MONDAY 16TH MAY Newcastle United v Arsenal; 2-2, Wood TUESDAY 17TH MAY Southampton v Liverpool; 1-4, Salah Diaz THURSDAY 19TH MAY Everton v Crystal Palace; 0-1, Zaha Aston Villa v Burnley; 1-2, Cornet Chelsea v Leicester City; 2-0, Werner
  8. darlowolf64

    The Football News Thread 2021/22

    Do Charlotte really have a player called "Awful"? Can Wolves sign him??
  9. darlowolf64

    Is Bruno Lage A Good Manager Or Should He Go?

    The people on there saying "he's stuck with Nuno's players and Nuno's system" are deluded. Semedo, Jonny - both full backs. We have CB's, we have natural wingers, CM's... It's all there, if Bruno was any kind of a competent coach, a back 4 is easily played/switched to. We have a squad of...
  10. darlowolf64

    Wolves 1-5 Man City: Verdict Thread

    Don't worry, Bruno will be able to attract some excellent new players in the summer and turn us into a top 6 team... HE JUST NEEDS A CHANCE!
  11. darlowolf64

    Wolves 1-5 Man City: Verdict Thread

  12. darlowolf64

    Wolves 1-5 Man City: Verdict Thread

    and yet in the following match there were two tackles, straight away, that led to fouls and the commentator basically said it was still a foul even though the player got the ball and "you can't tackle like that"!
  13. darlowolf64

    Is Bruno Lage A Good Manager Or Should He Go?

    Some deluded fans on there! FML
  14. darlowolf64

    Wolves Kit 2022-23

    Please stop posting the pictures... My eyes are bleeding