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Recent content by Del Woppio

  1. Del Woppio

    General Wolves News

    I swear to fuck they're on the wum :LOL:
  2. Del Woppio

    Southampton Away

    For God's sake, please, nobody give money over to this absolute random
  3. Del Woppio

    Wolves 0-2 Brentford: Verdict Thread

    Stop moaning about Brentford ffs. That's bog standard game management. Transfer strategy coming home to roost. Massively unbalanced, too much enigmatic talent and not enough reliable creativity or finishing ability. We haven't got a single defender that would be looked at by the top 7...
  4. Del Woppio

    Wolves Academy Thread (Sponsored by @Comptonstars)

    He's ridiculously two footed
  5. Del Woppio

    Brentford (H) 18/9/21 Build Up & Match Thread

    I'd love to see RAN playing. I know it may sound spoiled after Marcal's clean sheet and two assists on Saturday, but we lose so much momentum when the ball gets too him, and RAN is so good with the ball at his feet
  6. Del Woppio

    General Wolves News

    Why would you feel the need to ruin an already terrible joke tho
  7. Del Woppio

    General Wolves News

    I'm not doubting Mrs Moutinho, but I'm not convinces he's the father....
  8. Del Woppio


    It's wrong as well, as we've been given an extra year to change from CE to UKCA markings, as we haven't got enough inspectors to do the new audits.
  9. Del Woppio

    The Bruno Lage Appreciation Thread

    I'm really enjoying him tbh. The intensity, the pressing, the movement off the ball and the intent have a made for four really enjoyable games on the spin. He's made a really impressive start, despite being let down by the owners.
  10. Del Woppio

    General Wolves News

    100% this is because of Mexican esports fans
  11. Del Woppio

    Summer 2021 transfer window

    I haven't seen any quotes yet, but apparently Bruno's left one on Jeff in today's presser about recruitment
  12. Del Woppio

    Watford (A) Build-Up & Match Thread 11/09/21

  13. Del Woppio

    General Wolves News

    So are we actually saying that we could only find 10-15 defenders better than Saiss, and and 10-15 midfielders better than Cundle, but Bruno didn't actually think most of them were really better, but the ones he did were either injured, didn't want to come, or were £5m above our 'fair'...
  14. Del Woppio

    Summer 2021 transfer window

    Are you honestly saying that it's OK, if/that the club had 2 potential midfield targets, one of whom was injured, and the other wasn't interested and we didn't know? Like really? And that they were the only targets for a position in which we're woefully short? In the whole world? It's mad...
  15. Del Woppio

    Summer 2021 transfer window

    Time shouldn't run out, when you've got three senior midfielders. Start fucking earlier! Maybe check if kamara is even vaguely interested. It was rushed, lax and entirely inadequate across the board. Mendes was busy, and we're clueless.