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  1. machin05

    The Advice Thread

    Sounds cool. Have you looked into staying in a Bothy if you cant be bothered with lumping a tent with you.
  2. machin05

    The Advice Thread

    What you planning Tredders?
  3. machin05

    Summer 2021 transfer window

    Brews a killer IPA
  4. machin05


    I work in a school and the only person I know who's got it had their first vaccination about 5 weeks ago. Delta variant. So it's not just kids and anti-vaxxers at risk.
  5. machin05


    My other half was able to rebook her 2nd appointment before cancelling her existing one last night. That was probably due to her existing appointment being booked via the Royal Wolverhampton Trust booking site and not directly via the NHS site though. Once she had booked her second appointment...
  6. machin05

    Things that really really annoy you

    Sounds like the Compton Road/Henwood Road area is probably a clusterfuck at the moment - https://www.expressandstar.com/news/local-hubs/wolverhampton/2021/06/15/roadworks-on-two-main-wolverhampton-roads-within-a-mile-cause-misery-for-drivers/ Driving home on the Bham New Road is pure hell at...
  7. machin05

    2021/22 Fixtures Thread

  8. machin05

    Nuno to leave Wolves

    I'm not sure. The creasing/folding seems legit and it's a different font to what was on his Wolves gear, from what I remember. Didn't we go with an oversized "n" instead of a capital "N" which would rule out it being lifted from an existing photo. 🤷‍♂️
  9. machin05

    Nuno to leave Wolves

    If the head is photoshopped, then they've done a good job at photoshopping the NES on the chest.
  10. machin05

    Euro 2020 Round 2 of Group Fixtures

    Group A Turkey 0-1 Wales (Moore) 1 Italy 2-0 Switzerland (Immobile) 1 Group B Finland 0-0 Russia (Pukki) 0 Denmark 1-3 Belgium (Tielemans) 1 Group C Ukraine 2-0 North Macedonia (Yaremchuk) 1 Netherlands 2-1 Austria (Depay) 4 Group D Croatia 2-2 Czech Republic (Perisic) 1 England 3-0 Scotland...
  11. machin05

    The " Honey I'm home and I'm bloody starving , what's for dinner " Thread.

    The chimichurri olives from Aldi are the bomb.
  12. machin05

    The Laughter Cemetery

    It was OK if you like milkshake ipa I guess. Far too sweet for my highly tuned palate 😏
  13. machin05

    The Laughter Cemetery

    Not had a good Brewdog beer for bloody ages. Hazy Jane is just about OK, but they gone full on mass produced lowest common demoninator now.
  14. machin05

    The Laughter Cemetery

    Garage Beer Co for Spain Augustiner for Germany Westmalle for Belgium Pollys for Wales CR/AK for Italy Musa for Portugal Pilsner Urquell for Czech Republic Etc etc etc Brewdog for Scotland. Lolz
  15. machin05

    The Laughter Cemetery

    Well spotted