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The Music Thread Strikes Back

Coldplay...when I have heard anyone else play their songs...even an open mic hacker...they are infinitely better than the original. Coldplay can write a decent song and then murder it with blandness.

I saw Sting last week, not really a big fan , but he was really good. First act up though was Storry...exceptional. Hell of a back story she has too.
Coldplay can write a decent song and then murder it with blandness.
Very true.

Chris Martin wrote a song called Gravity in their early days but wasn't that keen on it, and gave it to Embrace as they supported them on Embrace's tours. Coldplay still recorded a version, which is on YouTube and can be used as a cure from insomnia. Embrace's version is really good and did pretty well for them.
I've managed to catch up on a couple of acts from Glastonbury on iPlayer.

Two Door Cinema Club: tremendous. Played nearly all older stuff which was surprising.

Janelle Monae: bonkers and brilliant. Her voice is so good. She isn't just a singer though, her whole thing is a performance. I'd highly recommend searching on YouTube for her Glastonbury performance from a few years ago, it's one of the best Glastonbury shows I think I've ever seen.
Finally doing my very first Shiine On. It's the 10 year anniversary in Skegness next year. Going to be massive..