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Recent content by Wilf Wolf

  1. Wilf Wolf

    Live Match Discussion: 2020/21

    Very! I'm glad Liverpool are losing but what the hell could TAA do to avoid that?
  2. Wilf Wolf

    Summer 2021 transfer window

    We need a successor to Moutinho, probably sooner than later. I think Donk's value to us depends how highly we rate Vitinha who to date has barely played in a midfield two. I'm not convinced either Donk or Vitinha are ready to play alongside Neves so Donk becomes the new Saiss - cover in CM and...
  3. Wilf Wolf

    Wolves 1-0 Leeds: Verdict Thread

    It was like she'd done her revision for an exam and wanted to include everything she knew in the answer. Her knowledge wasn't in question, just the need to spew out as much information whenever the opportunity arose.
  4. Wilf Wolf

    Wolves 1-0 Leeds: Verdict Thread

    Lucy Ward just never stopped talking. It was incessant, she said more than the actual commentator. She should learn that often less is more.
  5. Wilf Wolf

    Wolves 1-0 Leeds: Verdict Thread

    The forwards look much better when Neto and Traore cut in and I don't think it is coincidence that Semedo is beginning to look like the player we expected with Neto in front of him. A little more composure/luck and he could have scored twice.
  6. Wilf Wolf

    Wolves 1-0 Leeds: Verdict Thread

    I thought that too - and by the look of it so did Coady and Neves!
  7. Wilf Wolf

    Wolves 1-0 Leeds: Verdict Thread

    Very tight game. Rui did well at the end. A marginal, but correct, offside decision the difference between two closely matched teams. 10 points from 12 - didn't see that coming!
  8. Wilf Wolf

    Wolves v Leeds build up

    Exactly. It’s like having three working as a team rather than three individuals.
  9. Wilf Wolf

    The Manager Sacked/Hired Thread 2020/21

    Surprised they haven't approached Tom Daley...
  10. Wilf Wolf

    Fixture Changes Thread

    Hard to imagine any player wants to play an international friendly that much they’re prepared to live in a hotel room for 10 days and I doubt any club wants their players losing fitness in such a scenario. Albion have more chance of staying up than players going on international duty under such...
  11. Wilf Wolf

    The Oscillating Wildly Thread

    In footballing terms you might not be a literary Messi or Ronaldo but what you write is regularly Champions League quality. Think Scholes - consistently good and close to the top level and appreciated by those that understand football. Hope you change your mind as your take on Wolves is both...
  12. Wilf Wolf

    General Wolves News

    Players in 2016 Euro Final.
  13. Wilf Wolf

    General Wolves News

    Moutinho and Patricio pointless answers on Pointless..
  14. Wilf Wolf

    Southampton 1-2 Wolves. Verdict Thread

    Re bit in bold - you clearly haven't worked in the public sector! Agree wholeheartedly on the last paragraph though.
  15. Wilf Wolf

    Southampton 1-2 Wolves. Verdict Thread

    Is that the Liverpool who the year before VAR was introduced had more dodgy offside goals than Man United have had penalties since lockdown?