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A few stats so far...

Wolf Hunting

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Jan 31, 2010
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Just thought I'd indulge in a little research. I'll leave it to others to dissect it as you will.

Games played 28.
Shots 393
Shots on target 119
Goals scored 33

Shots allowed 353
Shots into our goal 115
Goals conceded 35

Before I started this little exercise, I thought the problem was we're not getting it forward enough, but no....
On the face of it, it seems we're getting it forwards plenty.
We're patently woefully inaccurate!
Nearly 400 shots and we score 33 times. That's an 8.3% strike rate!!
Slightly differently, 119 on target and 86 are saved or blocked. We've still only got 33 goals.

Not sure how relevant it would be but I can do possession % if anyone thought it'd be useful, but this is the bottom line....
Yet we're 7th. A bit sharper in front and we could be pissing this league!
Any way to put together a heat map of where we're taking our shots from?
I haven't access to any BUT WhoScored (use Opta stats) have us down for having 45% of shots from outside of the opposition area, which is more than any of those in the top 6. We are 11th in the 'shots per game table' so we don't have as many attempts on goals as plenty of teams.
Stats are misleading. The Blackpool game had us as 15 shots, 3 on target. But in truth we literally only had one shot all game which we scored from. Another was the tap in from the mistake. No idea what the 3rd was as I don't remember him making a save.

The others were probably hopeless shots from distance or poor angles etc. Our problem is that we don't create enough clear cut opportunities.
So our defence concedes 9.91% of shots against us? And we signed a striker in the transfer window? MORGAN OUT!

suppose it backs up why we are only 7th - we score less than we concede.
Less than 1 in 3 on target is woeful. I have little doubt the worst offender is McDonald who is extremely wasteful. KJ needs to install in them that baring a fluke if you don’t hit the target you don’t score! Sounds obvious but apparently not.