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being logged off


Housecoat, la
Mar 12, 2010
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I'm a 2 finger typist, so sometimes my posts take longer than they should to write, and I keep getting logged out by the forum by the time I've written my meaningless drivel.

I'm also not brilliant IT wise. My tactic usually is type, C&P the text, try post it, refresh the page, log back in, then paste into the reply box.

I'm sure that this is probably more difficult/complicated than it needs to be, owing to my own IT crapness.

Is there a way I can amend the log out timing myself? Or how do I use the auto-save recovery wotsit?

Or should I just learn to type quicker? :)

Thought about that, but sometimes I access the site without being logged in.
Might just go along with that if it's easier tbh.
I thought there was a 'stay logged in' option somewhere. I don't think the auto-save will work if you log out, intentionally or otherwise. In the meantime, type your posts in Notepad and then cut and paste.
Never have the problem as long as the 'Remember me' box is ticked when you log in - as said the system auto saves as you go along.

Have even been half way through a post, taken a phone call & come back to finish it without any issues.