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BHA 0 - Wolves 1 The highway robbery verdict thread

I'll give us some credit. We defended well in the second half, EEL had his best game at this level and Doherty had a good last 20 minutes.

The approach is unsustainable, we've somehow got these points on board and stopped leaking goals, we must now build on this and start playing a bit more football.

Brighton are the worst top four team I have ever seen in this division.
I thought after the Reading game that it was impossible for me to be any less impressed by a Wolves victory. I was wrong. We were poor. Brighton nothing special at all and will be lucky to finish in the play offs.

EEL & Batth did well to head away BHA's aimless crap, Afobe worked his arse off and Sigurdarson looked sharp when he came on. Apart from that we were shocking (Disclaimer: All of them worked hard and should be commended for that).
I just hope beyond hope that we keep winning. Bugger the performances, let's get safe! Bloody well done The Wolves. Bugger off clueless Jackett!
To be fair we ended up defending better than I expected given the way we started the game.

Can't keep playing like this though for the rest of the season - we will lose a lot of games trying that. Yes KJ needed to tighten things up, but at some point we are going to have the start playing in the other 2 thirds of the field
I am proud of the manager and players for turning things around! Well done lads!
Awful game of football attack v defence for most of the 90 minutes. However 3 more points on the board, hopefully we might get some confidence and try to play some football in our next home game.

You can certainly see how Brighton had drawn as many as games as they had won in 2015. No real clue how to break us down.
Happy with that, sort out the defence and go from there. Hopefully now the confidence will grow and we can start playing football, there was glimpses of what we're capable of. Also hope Graham's injury not too bad- FWIW I wanted him subbed 15 mins before that, he looked knackered. Very happy to see Bjorn back and he looked sharp.
It's not pretty but it's effective and this is preferable to games like Sheffield Wednesday! I'm hoping new signings about a bit more exciting style of play that being said but three wins and three clean sheets - if you'd suggested that before Reading...
We've got three wins against three teams who would struggle to hit a barn door at three paces. If we continue this "anti-football" we are going to get an absolute hammering.
No credit to the manager for his negativity but all credit to the players for fighting for the shirt.
Maybe the addition of Williamson and Zyro plus the reemergence of Siggy will give us some leadership at the back and skill going forwards
We've employed a tactic to get points on the board and stop the slide. It won't continue and eventually we'll go on another losing streak.
What it has done is elevated any lasting worries about scrapping near the foot of the table.
Hopefully now we'll start to play with a bit more freedom.
9 from 9 over Xmas is an excellent return but we are hideous to watch at times. Hopefully we can move towards actually playing football rather than hoofing the ball away all the time. We put together a few good attacking breaks, especially when Siggy came on. Hopefully he continues to look good
Well i'm chuffed we won again and another clean sheet but i can't get past the fact that we can't string 4 passes together. It's fantastic that we haven't conceded in 3 but i feel if we try and attack more we will start conceding again and if we don't start to attack we will come up against teams who won't struggle to break us down. Fair play to the lads though who have put everything in to those 3 games and especially EEL who looked awful not long back and now he looks the better of the centre halves.
Away at a place where we never seem to do well, I'll take any three points on offer so I'm not going to criticise too much. We ground out the result and did what we had to. That Brighton couldn't take any of their opportunities is more on them than us.

We defended well I thought apart from one or two occasions, and that included Edwards having to put a shift in and get back more than attack. Not ideal but as I say, we're away from home against a good team full of confidence who keep possession and attack well. Sometimes you just need to play a certain way to get a result and this was it in a nutshell.

Good performances from Ikeme, Doherty, EEL, Coady, Graham.
Average ones from Batth, Iorfa, McDonald, Edwards, Henry (who had a good first half IMO) and Afobe.

Good cameo from Siggy. Hopefully he'll contribute but god knows in what role.

Onwards and hopefully upwards.
Siggy did more in 15 minutes than Henry did all the time he was on.
The tactic of hoofball is soul destroying. If I had gone all the way to Brighton to watch that I would want my money back.
Atrocious football.
An excellent result. I also was very pleased to see a decent cameo from Siggy - so let's hope he can push on from that.

HOWEVER - the points in the bag do not cover up how poor our performances are. We are picking up points against poor rubbish. That in itself is good, but I have serious worries about meeting the better sides*

*I know Brighton were fourth. However, from what I have seen, they are not a REAL promotion standard side.
They aren't a promotion standard side and will continue to drop down the league. They have now gone 6 games without a win and in both the games we have played them haven't looked capable of breaking down an average side.
We've employed a tactic to get points on the board and stop the slide. It won't continue and eventually we'll go on another losing streak.
What it has done is elevated any lasting worries about scrapping near the foot of the table.
Hopefully now we'll start to play with a bit more freedom.

I think we'll go on another poor run in due course and just as we start looking over our shoulders we'll blag a couple of wins again, it's a special kind of hell when you can't even really savour winning. This form of football isn't sustainable in the long term, however each point garnered using it justifies its use to Kenny rather than using it as it should be to halt the slide and find some confidence. After three straight wins most teams would be buoyed and play with a bit of freedom but our lot still seem to be caught in headlights.
We're effectively 14 points clear of the bottom three given goal difference. That flirtation is over, not that it should ever have existed.
Difficult to do anything but echo what has been. We've put in 3 terrible attacking performances and somehow managed to scrape some clean sheets. These have very much been performances designed to push us away from the wrong end of the table.

Credit where it's due, I though Doherty looked ok today, despite most of Brightons attacking play coming from Bruno (who was a touch lucky to stay on the pitch).