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Boat Race


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Feb 15, 2010
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Anyone watching this? We've had a boat nearly sink and the coverage by Sean Walsh and Helen Skelton is car crash tv.
Its on, but only watching the races & not listening to the interminable chat (got the India v Australia match on TMS)

Wanted to see a sinking as the race was over as a competition by that point - but credit to the Cambridge crew for finishing the course with a boat full of water. At one point virtually none of the boat could be seen above the surface
Quite simply the dullest sporting event this side of rythmic gymnastics.
Sean Walsh is getting a hammering on Twitter. Helen Skelton was caught mouthing for someone to get rid of him when she thought she was off camera.
Agree thats its not the most exciting sporting event, but is a British institution

Brilliant day out if you are on a boat on the Thames watching (with a glass in hand), but not in weather conditions of today (was able to do that once a fair number of years ago)
Dunno. Darts, horse racing, bowls and snooker are pretty close calls.

Depends what your interest is - all of those have merit if you know what skills are needed to achieve results that are achieved at that level. Agree though that if you don't play the game all can look fairly dull
Dunno. Darts, horse racing, bowls and snooker are pretty close calls.
Lol. I like watching all of those.

I'd never watch the boat race unless I was really bored.