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Aug 10, 2011
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Ruptured his patellar tendon, having surgery this week and likely to be out for a year

That's his Wolves career done as his contract ends this season
Jesus. Wasn't this the injury that finally finished off Matt Murray too? Retire, Razak, for your own sake.
I wish him all the very best with his recovery. In terms of his career at Wolves; it has to go down as one of the unluckiest.
E&S Report on the injury

"Boukari's knee cap was displayed and he left the field in agony"

Before he left the pitch they were getting ready to put him the museum....
Anyone read Paul Lake's book "I'm not really here", granted it's from a different era of football, but as someone who has had a lot of debilitating injuries I get annoyed at people telling him to retire or give up, probably has not future with us now sadly, however how many people would give up something they love, have always done, depend on for a living. There is no way he should be making any decisions about retiring until at least into the recovery from this.

Honestly don't think I have ever seen him play a minute for us, but I feel a tad heart broken for him.
He goes down as one of those Wolves players that unfortunately is made of glass. Always different injuries, always major in the Masters, Murray, Ndah mould
You can't even include him with Murray and Ndah though Tony, not sure how accurate it is but his wiki page has him down as making 4 appearances for us, I know one of them was that league cup game against Chelsea, Masters only played 12 and the other I can think of it Tony Daley, who made 24 in 4 seasons. It's freakishly unlucky, even if you add in the games he managed to get on loan prior before getting injured then.
He started behind Sigurdarson in the League Cup game at Chelsea (that team - shudder). Starts against Northampton, Ipswich, Sheffield Wednesday too. Came on against Peterborough?
That Chelsea game was a nightmare. Ugh.