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Boxing thread


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Dec 4, 2011
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Anyone on here into their boxing, love Wolves more than anything but enjoy boxing more than football tbh - so just thought I'd start a boxing thread see how it goes.

For anyone Wolves based the next edition of the "Prizefighter" tournament is to be held at the civic hall live on Sky Sports. Its at light welter this time and Dean Harrison is in the lineup (ex Midlands champ, big Wolves fan) aswell as Telford's Mark Lloyd. Anyone going?
Is he the one that has the Wolves head on his shorts?
Yeah mate, was highly touted a few years back had a big following mainly from the scotlands estate. Lost a very close one for the english title, also lost for the British title to Paul McCloskey (who recently lsot to Amir Khan) has had some success winning minor belts (International Masters and Midlands titles both at the civic) but has lost a few recently to poor opposition away, did go over to the states and fought on a big american bill recently losing to hotly tipped prospect Mike Alvarado over there - Prizefighter probably his last chance saloon.
I Love boxing too. Can't really split it with football.

Don't know a lot about Dean Harrison.

On the weekends fights though. Martin Murray was superb in his first world level fight holding Sturn to a draw, very good performance.

Margarito will hopefully retire now as he should have been banned from boxing for life anyway imo, besides the fact his eye is finished.
Mate agree with you re Margarito, should've had a life ban. Glad Cotto won, haven't watched the fight yet cos been in work all weekend should get round to it tonight.

Saw Murray he did really well, don't think he got robbed like some but before that I didn't think he was in the same class as say Macklin and Barker but he proved me wrong. Will defnitely have done his career no harm.
Yeah, agreed. I had Sturm winning the fight by a round when I scored it but some of the rounds you could have scored either way so it wasn't a robbery by any stretch but a draw was probably a fair if unsatisfying result.
Think there's a doc on tonight about the Benn-McLellan fight on ITV1. I like boxing too (heavyweights mainly) but I do wonder sometimes if it can be justified as a form of entertainment.
Yeah 10.35pm ITV tonight that documentary on Benn/McClellan.

Benn was my favourite fighter as a young kid.

Real shame what happened after that fight, it was a war
I remember watching the Benn vs Eubank fight whilst on mushrooms. Madness.
I'm a boxing fan too, but I'm not keen on the Prizefighter series TBH.
To me, it's the boxing equivalent of T20.
Was a big boxing fan but seem to be getting fed up at the amount of poor refereeing and judges blatently scoring fights wrong like the Manny fight last month. Prizefighter is just for washed up boxers who want to make a bit of money for a nights work it seems like to me and i'm not a fan of that to be honest.

I slowly seem to be going towards watching UFC because there is more entertainment and as it's all in house there are very few controversial decisions.
I've tried with UFC but i can't take to it.

The stand up combat seems to lack in quality in the fights i've seen and I really don't like the ground game, it bores me to sleep.
I used to be like that but i've grown to appreciate it and i would rather watch that now than most of the boxing that is on offer.
Most disturbing thing about the McLellan fight is Benn's quote:-

"You know what?" "This is what you wanted to see. You got what you wanted to see."
Most disturbing thing about the McLellan fight is Benn's quote:-

"You know what?" "This is what you wanted to see. You got what you wanted to see."

Yep, really hit home when he said that. People see violent Knockouts and such in Boxing as entertainment it's only when something such as this happens that people realise the danger these men are in every time they fight.
Yep big boxing fan. Went to the Cleverley Bellew fight.

I was at that fight too mate, been a few decent bills up here at the Echo since I moved up. Paul Smith Vs DeGale (had Macklin, Brook, Bellew, Cleverly on too) was a real good one.

Not the biggest fan of Prizefighter myself either but its bringing in casual fans to boxing which is what the sport needs.

Not all of them are has beens, the last prizefighter there were 3 real good (2 unbeaten) young prospects Rhys Davies, Troy James and Tipton's Lee Glover - all 3 are touted to do well in the sport.

Also on the coming Prizefighter in Wolves they're having 2 "prizefighter prospects fights" not part of the tournament - Dudley's Ryan Aston and Tommy Ghent (both former Priory Park ABC fighters) both are real good prospects, worth looking at unfortunately Ghent's a shit fan.