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Brighton (A) Match Thread

Deutsch Wolf

aka Dawn
Oct 16, 2009
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We'll lose this. Brighton are miles better than Villa and that line up still fucking stinks. Oniangue is not a left winger in a million years.
Prince on the left for one game as a hunch or experiment fair enough for two after seeing it doesn't work is a joke
Sidwell and Norwood in the middle of the park for them. I'd hope we can outdo them as a pairing.
Sidwell and Norwood in the middle of the park for them. I'd hope we can outdo them as a pairing.

This is what is so bizarre with the Prince thing. Even if we went 2 in the middle I'd back us with Saiss and Edwards against their 2. It's almost like this wired rhombus thing Jackett played at the start of last season and it didn't work then either.

No need for Prince at all it should be Cav.
We shouldn't be so scared of teams in this division. There's no need for all of Edwards, Coady and Oniangue, especially when you're playing one of them out of position. They all do a similar job. Pick one of them and play Teixeira/Cavaleiro/Bodvarsson/John/Wallace as well. What's the worst we could do? Lose?
In willing to give it a shot. We weren't that bad in the first half in that system. Yes Brighton are much better but maybe that will make the Lineup and system ever more suitable
Only the Prince thing that bothers me I think Coady did well against Villa. I think another draw.

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I agree with Lycan - imo it's a mentality thing, set up defensively and hope to scrape some points or start from the off to try and win the game. I prefer the attacking approach to the defensive approach. Anyway, perhaps Zenga knows something we don't!
No sign of Silvio again.
Is he struggling to adapt to the Championship or is he crocked again?
Could conceivably be Nouha and Costa wide with Oniangue as a false 9 of sorts.

Not sure if that would make anyone feel better about it.
Alan USA, do you get any coverage at all?
Wolves World or another website?
The missus has gone off to her Mums for the evening, the beers are in and Wolves are playing. Perfect.

Do we reckon there might be any streams?
Do we reckon there might be any streams?

I'll be interpreting Wolves World for anyone who has not much else.
As usual I'll be colouring it up a bit, just to make it sound like a football match...
Though as usual.... it might not all be true!
Except I'll be looking after Susie then Jane will be coming home from work so I'll be serving dinner etc....
So it might be interrupteda bit.
For the real thing follow Parkin...
This ref has given about 57 cards so far in about 15 games this season.... so brace yourselves...
Brighton have only won 1 of their last 10 games against us....
Brighton have kept 7 clean sheets out of 12 games so far...
Wolves have won only 2 of their last 9 away games keeping only 1 clean sheet in the process...

Just saying...