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Bristol City 1 - 0 Wolves: Verdict Thread

Wolf Hunting

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Jan 31, 2010
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There we are. Season's just been defined. 50% possession vs a team on the cusp of the relegation zone, 5 shots, 2 on target.
Out played by a country mile, astonishing subs, lacklustre and down to 16th.
Our season defined right there.
Time up as far as I'm concerned Ken. It's not losing tonight's game, indeed it wouldn't have mattered to me if we'd pinched an undeserved equaliser. I didn't call for his head during our November omnishambles last year when we lost every game.

It's signing Grant Holt, playing wingbacks in that clusterfuck of a second half, bringing on Matt Doherty as your final sub when Ojo and Graham are sat on the bench, the fact that well over a quarter of the way into the season we have no style of play, no identity, no idea from week to week what the team is going to be, no clue how we're going to approach games. That is a manager who has comprehensively lost the plot.

A shame as I like the guy, and he's given us some good times. But this isn't going to get any better, not in any meaningful way. I don't expect the club to remove him from his post in the short term just because of the ownership situation but he's lost me now.
I'll be honest, there's only one reason I'm not calling for Jackett's head right now and that's because I don't trust the club with its lack of owner to find the right replacement. Nobody knows what's going on anymore, either on the pitch or off it and these no-shows are now far too common. Two strikers subbed on and literally nothing was done to try and get the game back from what I could work out!

There's enough decent performances here and there that we ought to be fine but this season has just been so far a massive disappointment!
He won't be sacked unfortunately. We will need to be shit until Christmas and it will be too late to make any thing of the season.
Listened on Wolves Player, after going to see the Birmingham game at St Andrews. How can it be that the same team and the same manager were involved in both games?

I could see the logic of the half time substitutions, but NOT playing 3-5-2 rather than 4-4-2. And then DOHERTY being brought on when we are chasing the game???

Edwards not mentioned in the commentary in the second half. Probably a few others but his absence was what I tuned in on.

Despair doesn't get even close. I don't mind bad luck, but this was a self-inflicted wound.
Time to go, Ken. Sorry. That was it for me. Formations so nonsensical that even that fucking clown Saunders wouldn't have attempted it, while playing ineffective Hoddle-ball with the added bonus of letting a goal in to miss out on the much-cherished point of boredom.

So, to sum up, it is shit, the players have no clue what each other are doing, it is shit, results over the last weeks have been appalling, it is shit, our style and formation appears to have been picked out from a lottery machine, it is shit, we stand a serious chance of plummetting, it is shit, and the manager suddenly appears about as clued up as Cnut whipping the fucking tide.

Can't wait to see what Burnley do to us on Saturday. Actually, I can. I can also seriously see myself staying away without reason of another appointment having paid up front. And that certainly hasn't happened since that cunt Hoddle was here. So so pissed off that it has come to this, but we need a new manager, and we need one now.
Listening on the radio and it was absolutely vile, I'm way too tired to write about it but how we're here compared to where we were last season away vs Fulham when I remember the praises I was singing for KJ is completely inexcusable.
I don't like saying too much about a game that I've not at least seen on tv, but a few very obvious points.
You do not match formation against the team 4th from bottom in the league, you find a way to defeat them with what you have or adjust accordingly you DO NOT match them up, particularly if that involves going a way you do very rarely

If you are doing that for right wing back you have Nathan Byrne who spent last season in that position or James Henry who to the best of my knowledge never has done.....why?

Unsurprisingly it's not working with 10 minutes to go, the change is not bring on an alternative right wing back and move a winger into the middle.

He won't be sacked, we are 8 points off relegation, that would need to be down to 2/3 before the Board think about it...but IF we got word that Nigel Pearson would be interested then we should do it tomorrow.

The Top 5 look away, although i think Brighton will fall away from the other 4, we are playing for 6th, unfortunately with Kenny I think we have no chance
Not been around for this & having read the thread I am sincerely glad that this was a midweek game on a work day that I could not go to.

Had it been a Sat fixture then I would have despite the ticket price. From comments it appears dire.
So frustrating considering how well we played on Saturday, listened on the radio tonight and have just spoken to my old man who was at the game. He's completely speechless. BC were piss poor and there for taking by all accounts.
Fans were turning tonight with chants "you don't know what your doing"
When mindless few do it at a home game I tend to ignore it but when the hardcore away following start turning its not a good sign go KJ.
Jackett doesn't make the right choices..one goal behind and bringing on Doherty?
Bollocks Ken. "Trying to get a front two on", well you don't need to play bastard wingbacks to do that.



What would have been wrong with that at 1-0 down?
And the final substitution was basically admitting the clusterfuck


half time changes
Doherty sub
4-4-1-1 (?)
He could have had the courage of his convictions, made a different change and gone for the Brentdan 3-4-3. Or alternatively, not go for fucking wingbacks at all.

I am not asking for Rinus Michels. I am asking for square pegs in square holes, and a formation our team might have basically seen before though.
If Jackett genuinly believes what he is saying in that clip then I'd sack him tonight. You can't be spouting that kind of shit and expect to be taken seriously as a football manager. The legend of Denes Rosa has more credibility.
I don't think too many would have complained had we gone 442 at half time even with taking Afobe off. The baffling decision to change to 3 at the back, a system we've never played was just madness especially as we weren't exactly overrun in that first half. Comments in that video would suggest he's lost the plot. We won't sack him though unless the slump continues into a relegation battle. That however appears a down sight more likely than a promotion push at the moment that's for sure.
We wont sack him but he bloody well deserves it. The only thing consistent this season is our inconsistency. Once again we fail to beat a side that starts in the bottom 4. 1 win at home all season and last time out dicked by Fulham . We had done so well at the weekend I really hoped we had turned a corner. No back to insipid clueless poorly managed fayre. Beaten comfortably. Lucky to get nil

So its the culmination of several things that has switched me off KJ. Poor subs, Poor recruitment, poor tactics and poor performances. Lets recap the shockers we have served up against Brentford, Bolton, Preston,Cardiff and now Bristol. One point from those games is relegation form. Add the capitulation at home to QPR, the dodgy wins against Blackburn and Charlton that means we only really turned up to Fulham, Blues and Huddersfield. Its not good enough and the fans do deserve better. Hell I deserve better!
I said that Jackett need 10 points from 7 games to ensure he didnt get the boot. We got 9. For me his time is up and we have wasted 2015-16. But given SM and the ownership issue he will stay and we will bimble on through November all fingers crossed we scrape enough points to not go down. Remember the last time 3 years ago when this happened? We ended up with Saunders and a trip to league one. Thats why the club wont sack KJ at this time. Who would come in?
I dont know guys. Its frustrating, depressing , annoying and disappointing. We could have been doing so much more. Pathetic all round