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Cardiff 0-1 Wolves: Verdict Thread

Richard Stearman football genius.
We're Wolverhampton and we rule the world....
whew!! thanks to wolfie and the other commentary lads, and a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge thanks to Stears
Excellent result.

Two huge games coming up. Great chance to put a marker down and get ourselves right up there.

Plenty of those other seven teams will wobble between now and the end, we really aren't going to need 80 points or whatever to finish in the top six. Keep doing our bit and the rest will look after itself.
Really handy result.

Last three: 9 points, 9 goals, 0 conceded. I love runs like this. Long may it continue!
Another matchday thread?
Two MASSIVE games coming up. Win one and don't lose the other and we're looking very good.
Ah. Never saw your edit.
Great result again we've closed the gap to at least three points regardless what happens tomorrow game, the next two games are season defining.
Maybe not our greatest performance, but another three points. We just need to look after our own results and we should be fine.
Don't care how ugly we win! Two points from the next two games will keep us on track, anything more is a bonus. It's days like this that make one proud to be a Wolves supporter.