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Cardiff (H) 19/08: Build-Up


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Nov 26, 2009
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Who's going to this?

I'm considering making the trip up on the train.
Chances of another sellout if we smash Yeovil?
Chances of another sellout if we smash Yeovil?

Doubt it. Season ticket holders being able to get two tickets for £5 each was a big factor on Saturday.
Ah yeah. Didn't think of that, duh.
I'm there. My free August game.
Bloody dangerous game this one. Warnock will have only one tactic, and that will be to kick our best players
Didn't try that last season at Molineux..they stood and watched as Costa took the piss.
We'll probably lose as remember, Wolves won't improve from where they were in April.
I'm going - arranged the school holiday trip away with the kids to Alton towers so we can be close enough for me and the boy to head over for the game :easy:
I'll be there with the wife and kids in tow.
Was at the Boro game, but can't afford too many in the same month or justify a ST this far out as travel costs are a lot bigger than the ticket price.

First season for a few that that makes me sad
Was in top right of Steve Bull last game, never been there and ended up loving the view. Elsewhere for Cardiff as already bought. Deffo going back up there though next game I go