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Crystal Palace (H) 11/5: Build-Up & Match Thread

A wild Enso appears!
If you think that last bit isn’t damning on the coaching I don’t know what to say. If it was isolated incidents I could understand but it’s constant across the entire season.

I think it falls on everyone personally, attacking wise you see bits of joined up thinking at times but defensively they're rarely on the same page. That could be plain shit coaching, lack of understanding from the players of what they actually need to do or a combination of both. There's certainly been little evidence of tactics evolving to cover persistent weaknesses individually but there's also plenty of rank individual play that no amount of tactical wizardry is going to overcome.
How does the ref give that our way ? LOL
Lol rugby tackle from Enso = free kick Wolves 😂
That was a great ball, where the fuck are we!? Oh yeah, we just took Toti off..
We get a free kick 10 yards in their half... not a thought about getting it in the box.... tip tap ball ending with a shit ball and no opportunity created. I don't understand modern football.
Those hopeful balls into the edge of the box from Sarabia and Doyle are fucking awful, work about 1 in 20. Get it wide and try and work it you twats.
Well that was horrible.

Gonna be a real half arsed lap of honour at the end here.
Full time.

5 of our final 6 home matches ended in defeat.