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Daniel Majstorovic to Wolves?

Rumour has been swirling a while, seems Majstorovic binned AEK when his contract expired on the 31st.

Birmingham Mail had to sustain the Mendes increasing his influence narrative though. Beyond tedious now.
Seems to have been successful at AEK and courted by Roma, so it could be another coup for us to sign him.
He'll also fill the void that's existed since Mal Purchase left the club of scaring the shit out of anyone should they go within 50 yards of him.

What is our good friend Mal up to these days... wasn't he a bit of a laughing stock? (and I don't mean purely by association with Dean). I remember his wife mouthing off on twitter a lot about Wolves.
He kind of looks like a cross between Zidane and The Rock.
I don't know much about. If Thelwell leaves the SD role I'd still have him in a youth capacity - that seems to be his forte
There's also a picture of him in a black suit, looks like a bouncer.

Fosun and Jorge seem to like bald foreign guys with tattoos
Scuttlebutt among my AEK pals is he is coming to Wolves, but it's Greece so large pinches of salt a splash of vinegar and some olive oil on that for sure.