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Fnarrr Fnarr!! The Finbarr Saunders Thread

Can I suggest you get the title right if you're going to take the pee.
And of course it was meant to be 'Out Of Context'. These works keyboards are shit.
Thanks fellas, I must admit, I'm feeling a little light headed after all that effort....

And of course, when I was 'feeling a little light headed' it was indeed the small blonde bird next door....
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What/who the hell is boardie?
A forum member. Sorry, it's a bit of yankee slang I picked up.
Boozad, this is more of a glimpse into your mind than anything else.
The first doesn't really touch the sides, just quenches my thirst, the 2nd I start to enjoy as it goes down fairly fast and the 3rd is when I can enjoy it and savour the taste.