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Forest (H) build up


Jeff Shi's Bitch
Jan 14, 2010
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Can we keep the run going? Would be brilliant to send the red dogs closer to the abyss.

Same team for me apart from Ikeme in for Lonergan if he's fit.
No reason why not - though whether we will play the same front four, who have shown that they can disturb any Championship team, on Tuesday is another issue.

Would accept Weimann replaced with Bod or Dicko, but don't want to see the 3 behind altered as don't think that we have any (fit) players to replace them
Well that didn't work... Open in a new tab to view it all
Looks like my ex mother in law.
Oh I like it. And I've loved this season's designs. But as per the above comment I hope we win more than ever.
It seems a bit, well, odd going into this game fairly relaxed. We probably need 3 more points to be absolutely safe. Forest are in real trouble though recently they seem to be playing ok but ending with draws. Pressure is certainly on them. We might start Bod for Weimann but unless Ikemes fit I don't see any other changes.
That's the worst programme cover this season. Also one tree is just a tree, not a forest.
That's the worst programme cover this season. Also one tree is just a tree, not a forest.
There are more behind it TBF. Could have dumbed it down by changing to a wolf playing fetch with a stick though I suppose.
Or gone for a Wolf versus a guy with a bow and Arrow, which as cliche'd as it sounds am confident the artist could have done something better with.
Same team for me bar Ikeme in for Flappy McFlap if fit. No need to change it, Saturday shouldn't have been a particularly physically challenging game, not like we were chasing the ball or anything.

2016/17: W 2-0 (A)
2015/16: D 1-1 (H), D 1-1 (A)
2014/15: L 0-3 (H), W 2-1 (A)
2012/13: L 1-2 (H), L 1-3 (A)
2008/9: W 5-1 (H), W 1-0 (A)
2004/5: W 2-1 (H), L 0-1 (A)
2002/3: W 2-1 (H), D 2-2 (A)
2001/2: W 1-0 (H), D 2-2 (A)
2000/1: W 2-0 (H), D 0-0 (A), W 1-0 (A, FAC)
1999/0: W 3-0 (H), D 1-1 (A)
1997/8: W 2-1 (H), L 0-3 (A)
1994/5: L 2-3 (H, LC)
1993/4: D 1-1 (H), D 0-0 (A)
We beat them 2-0 at their place this season.
I can see PL changing the front four, especially with another game at the weekend. I wouldn't be surprised to see dicko/bod feature and maybe weiman as the 10 with cav moved wide at some point.

I am secretly hoping that Graham or zyro might make a cameo in the next few games
Spiers saying Ikeme won't be fit for this one.
Id leave the side as is fitness permitting.

Win tomorrow we're safe barring a freak run of results. Get over the line and then make changes for Saturday once (hopefully) the jobs done.
Wouldn't be surprised if Paul Lambert leaves Cavaleiro out and moves Edwards into the ten.
Think this will be a tougher game than Saturday. Clough and Assombalonga up front could cause Batth problems. We have enough going forward though to hopefully score at least a couple against their poor defence.