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Goal of the Month for March...

Costa vs Brentford I guess although Weimann showed good strength and determination for the goal vs Rotherham and a nice finish vs Fulham
Weimann vs Fulham for me.
Weimann vs Fulham for me.

Me too, lovely ball from Edwards, Coady didn't hit the first man or hammer it over everyone's head for a change and the type of finish from a forward we've not seen since last Summer
Really like the goal v Rotherham. Great ball from Marshall and superb strength from Andi and the finish wasn't a simple one as he could easily fell on his arse.
Both of Weimann's were good, but would give it to Costa for the goal against Brentford.

Ball bounced just before he hit it & could have easily been ballooned over - good technique to keep that down & on target
Some excellent team goals there, just Costa but I like both Weimanns goals too
Having had another look am changing mine to Weimann v Fulham - let it run across him & then put a superb left foot shot into the corner