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Happy 50th Bully

Jeez bully being 50 makes me feel old!

People bandy the term legend around too much, but term is made for Bully. I will never forget watching him, he just lived for scoring goals and a really nice bloke too.
Happy birthday Bully. As Tredman says, the word legend is applicable for him.
The epitome of the word legend. Happy fiftieth Bully, I was 10 when you joined us and no kid could go through his teenage years having a hero like I did. Thanks a thousand times over.
Looking at that clip just shows what a fantastic striker he was. He would score every type of goal, outside the box, inside the box, headers lobs etc. Brilliant. What other word could describe him but LEGEND. Happy Birthday Steve.
Happy birthday Bully. In the early 90's I used to hate this day as I knew it was another year closer to him retiring
Happy Birthday to the goal king...Some happy memories on that video
Happy birthday Steve Bull. It only seems like yesterday when he scored at Hampden Park.
Up there as one of my top heroes. Luckily enough to have met him many times and he's even brought me a pint!

Nice to see the referee Mike Jones was already acting like a twat in the Bully years on the last clip on the video.
Happy birthday Bully, makes me feel old too, still think of Bully as one of the new generation, seems really not long ago I took my eldest to his first match where Bully scored (of course) Think lots of modern strikers could learn from watching an extended clip of his style i.e. don't piss about with it, get your shot in
Happy 50 Bully you legend
Happy Birthday Steve Bull on your 50th.

It was once said that his first touch wasn't good enough.....but that his second touch ended up in the back of the net.

Great footballer, great goalscorer, great man.
To think he's only twelve months older than me, and what has he ever done :)

Happy birthday matey !
Will never forget that goal he scored against Blues at home. Think we came from behind to win. Crowd (including me) went mental.
I feel so fortunate to have grown up as a Wolves fan during the Bully years. What a guy and I love that he was ours. I remember when I went to Uni every time I'd get chatting to someone about football and they found out I was a Wolves fan, the first thing they'd talk about was Bully. Happy 50th.