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I'm never going to see it, am I?


PTG Champion 2013/14
May 12, 2011
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I just missed his years being the nipper I am, and all I know him as is a hero of my club.

Closest I'm going to know is Ebanks-Blake, isn't it.


GOD. Brown, shiny headed GOD.

You lucky fella meeting the great man.
Im honoured to have witnessed nearly all of the great mans goals over the years....Ill never see another striker like SGB again..
Is there a picture in the OP? I can't see anything.
Is there a picture in the OP? I can't see anything.
Yeah sorry, my Dad took my to an evening with Steve Bull. Was only about 15 in. Was too chicken to ask for photos but my Dad did for me. He's great - Steve Bull I mean!
You were only about 15 inches ? That's very short for a young lad !