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"Thorough investigation" will be good. I could save them some time: "we thought they were Arabs and nobody would give a fuck, soz".

Will it be enough for us to stop arming the cunts? No it won't. It'll be more strong words, more imploring, more nothing.
Israel’s leadership are hell bent on killing anyone remotely associated with Hamas and don’t give a fuck about anyone that gets in the way. They view the Palestinians as vermin and anyone who is helping them, even if it’s just trying to stop hundreds of thousands starving to death, are vermin by association. The Israeli population need to rise up and remove them before it gets beyond the point of repair, if it hasn’t already. Quite an achievement following 7/10 to be the bad guys in this war.
It’s the sheer arrogance of the Israeli leadership or any spokesperson for the government, it’s a case of “yeah we’re sorry, but what can you do?”
There was some cunt from the Jewish Chronicle on the papers at Sky News yesterday, basically saying that 'look it's a war and people die in wars, plus we're far better than usual average of civilian deaths per military death which is 1/9', and no cunt challenged him or asked him where he'd got the numbers from. Some twat on Question Time last week said that more than 2/3 of the deaths were terrorists. Fuck off are they. If there were 20,000 terrorists in Gaza then you'd have seen massacres like Oct 7th on a weekly basis ffs. There were 20,000 combatants, and there are guns and ammo and weapons in every building you've bombed, but you've only lost about 300 soldiers in Gaza? Fuck off. You've got the technology to guide a missile directly into my microwave, but you've reduced the entire strip to rubble. Fuck off.
What has it got to do with her anyway? Not a member of cabinet and shouldn’t be meeting like that in an official capacity
I’d like to hear her description of aid workers helping to distribute food to starving Gazans. Scrub that - if I never hear her speak again it’ll be too soon.
The old “thoughts and prayers” line rolled out.
From the Guardian - Asked if Israel could be in breach of international humanitarian law, she (Braverman) replied:

Absolutely not. The suggestion itself is absurd and, frankly, an insult to Israel who have been going above and beyond the necessary requirements to ensure that civilian casualties are limited, to ensure that aid is received onto the Gaza Strip and distributed.
I have seen evidence myself, in terms of very up-to-date photographic evidence, of plentiful food packages and trucks of food, water and medicines getting to the people of Gaza.

This was from the Today programme. Why do we give air time to such odious people? She from her own lunatic fringe and should be treated as such.
Wouldn't it just be peak geo-political irony if Israel turned out to be the next country to push the Big Red Button after so many years of fear-mongering around Arab states getting/using nukes?