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Leeds 0 - Wolves 1, how the feck did we do that verdict thread

Parkins left foot

'Quirk's Gay Game Winner'
May 11, 2012
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All condemn the starting lineup, but they win

Not sure how we did that, but we did & mathematically safe now

Please lets experiment a bit in the last four games & really see who is worthwhile keeping
Somewhat annoyed that I spend money going to Bristol & they provide an insipid performance, whilst giving a committed, if technically flawed, one at Leeds
I have no idea how that team has gone to a top six team away from home and won (deservedly so too). Football doesn't make any sense sometimes.

On with ditching all the crap please Wolves.
Not surprised we won. Leeds were awful at Newcastle and should have lost by a cricket score. If their physical approach fails, then they struggle.
We always play better on the break. Leeds had 67% possession and they're not a possession based team by any means.
Soon as I saw the team I went off in a huff and didn't bother listening, what do I know eh?

Glad of the points but some of those players should never stick the shirt on again.

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Just glad we are mathematically safe. On with the doing everything we can to condemn Small Heath cunt soup and then plan the summer to ensure we are a force again.
It's happened a few times now where Lambert has picked a team that most of us have vomited at but he goes on to get the result. Is he a lucky manager, is he cleverer than we give him credit for?

Delighted with the points as a draw would have been good from this one and more importantly, we have guaranteed safety now though we should not have been in such a perilous position in the first place.

I never want us to lose but if we lose to Blackburn on Saturday there is the huge consolation that it drags those blue scutters further into the shit!
Great win, against what sounds a horrible side.

Hopefully now we get to see Wilson, Ennis, Bright and Herc get some minutes. They've earnt it.
I was and still am not convinced about Lambert. Delighted with the win today, but it only papers overs the cracks.
II won't be to disappointed if we lose next Saturday if it means plunging Blues into deep shit.
I was and still am not convinced about Lambert. Delighted with the win today, but it only papers overs the cracks.

Agreed. But he will still be here next season along with Batth, Doherty, Edwards and the rest.
I was and still am not convinced about Lambert. Delighted with the win today, but it only papers overs the cracks.

But they were cracks he inherited. Under Zenga we were in free fall, not too dissimilar to the Solbakken era. Lambert has engineered 19 points from the last 10 games which is some achievement given what had come before that.

It seems pretty clear that there has been a bit if a reality check at the top of the club this season and Lambert now has the chance to be judge on a squad he assembles.
My dream lineup for Blackburn...

Ashley Blades Stancliffe Edwards
Jones Ferguson (c) Rankine Gilkes
What annoys me about this is that by all accounts we played with a lot of heart and determination today. Where was that against Bristol City or in a home derby vs Blues? It's crazy how this team can go from beating Liverpool at Anfield to rolling over at Burton within a week or getting spanked 4-0 at Molineux by Barnsley on the Tuesday and then winning 2-0 at Newcastle on the Saturday.
assuming Willo has been fit for the last few weeks, how can PL not play him, especially with our then perilous position, over Calamity Batth ?
I still expect to see the likes of Ikeme, Coady, Batth, Doherty and Edwards as the mainstay of the team come August
Willo isn't really especially good, just a bit better than Batth (who, to be fair, played very well against Cardiff and Forest). We obviously don't trust his fitness at all so he won't be getting a new deal, so he won't play unless we absolutely need him to.

As Kenny said to me the other week this inevitably means he'll sign for a Cardiff/Bristol City in the summer and play all 46 games for them next season, but our mind is made up on him and I can't say I blame the club or management on that one.
That Marshall through ball is absolutely superb we haven't had someone that can do that since KMac, bit lucky with the finish but the movement was good to get on the end of the throughball.

4-4-2 today also maybe a sign of things to come?

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