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list of players

malta mick

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May 20, 2010
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am i correct in thinking that there was a full list of every player for Wolves at some time recently ? if so where can i locate it please.
I met a guy last night in Valetta who owned the Restaurant we were having a drink at. He asked where we came from in UK and said near Wolverhampton. He said he used to live there and in fact played for the Wolves (as Dave Wagstaffes replacement) with George Berry and Bob Hazell. It turns out that after researching today that he was given a trial in mid 70's and only played a few reserve games before he returned to Malta. He played for Valetta and the national team during the late 60's and 70's.
Interesting! Still pretty cool that he made the reserves but I think you have the info to point out he may have exaggerated a touch! What was the name?
he don't look much like that now !!! the trophies have to be big and bold here - don't do delicate !!!!
I experienced fireworks in Malta once. Delicate certainly didn't spring to mind.
fireworks start at 8am - every burst Always ends in a huge bang !!!
A couple of 'factories' (somebody's garage) explodes every year - no H & S
We watched the 10 year EU Membership celebration fireworks display in Valetta on our honeymoon last year. Absolutely amazing.