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Live Match Discussion 2017/18

Deutsch Wolf

aka Dawn
Oct 16, 2009
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Forgot to start this one yesterday.

Top management by Boothroyd. Hoof the ball at Tammy Abraham for two games. Doesn't work, amazingly. Drop him.

Edit: Mods, move this to the other forum please :D That's what you get for not watching what you're doing...
1-0 England...Gray with a deflected shot and helped by the keeper going with the wrong hand.
So my posts on the other thread are wasted :icon_lol:
Sweden behind at about the same time to the Slovaks
Is this on the wrong sub-forum Dan?
Have England U20s won the World Cup as the commentators haven't mentioned the fact at all every 30 seconds
Slovakia lead 2-0 vs Sweden now
Jordan Pickford has had three Lonergan moments with his kicking...
The Polish keeper appears to think you're not allowed to catch the ball. Flappy McFlap.
This game should be over already. Could easily be three or four up.
Just spotted Iorfa is on the bench plus the man city goalie gunn, who I reckon we should try and get on a season loan
Seriously, how many chances do England want to miss? This could come back and bite them
Is that Frankowski related to Tomasz? ;)
How the hell is that a yellow?
Get in...great breakaway goal