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Man City (H) 30/9: Build-Up & Match Thread

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Deutsch Wolf

aka Dawn
Oct 16, 2009
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No Bellegarde, no Doyle.

I don't know what he's going to do as evidently very few players put their hand up last night for a place in the first choice XI. Like Sa has made a ridiculous error in each of his last three games (two led to goals, the other led to Palace completely turning round momentum when they hadn't laid a glove on us) but you can hardly pick Bentley after that showing.



---------------J Gomes----Lemina----Traoré---------------


That's about my best guess. Of course we're very likely to lose whatever we do.

2022/23: L 0-3 (H), L 0-3 (A)
2021/22: L 1-5 (H), L 0-1 (A)
2020/21: L 1-3 (H), L 1-4 (A)
2019/20: W 3-2 (H), W 2-0 (A)
2018/19: D 1-1 (H), L 0-3 (A)
2017/18: D 0-0 (A, LC, lost on pens)
2011/12: L 0-2 (H), L 1-3 (A), L 2-5 (H, LC)
2010/11: W 2-1 (H), L 3-4 (A)
2009/10: L 0-3 (H), L 0-1 (A)
2003/04: W 1-0 (H), D 3-3 (A)
2001/02: L 0-2 (H), L 0-1 (A)
1999/00: W 4-1 (H), W 1-0 (A)
1997/98: D 2-2 (H), W 1-0 (A)
1996/97: W 3-0 (H), W 1-0 (A)

Toti was pretty crap last night, and whilst the overall performance against Luton was poor, I felt we actually did defend their aerial bombardment very well - of course it'll be an entirely different bombardment from City though.

Can see a red card for 2 bookings from one of our midfielders.
5 at the back.
Hodge in midfield
Cunha as the target man

We will be defensive but not in a Nuno style that might give us an opportunity later in the game but in a sitting so deep we give City around 90% possession and eventually the freedom of our penalty area way.
Then hope they go into cruise control as they have some injuries and won't want any more....although likely to see this next week

Injured: Haaland. Bruised foot, caused by repetitive shooting during a game.
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This could, and probably will, get very ugly. They're going to absolutely batter us.

This is what I *think* he'll play, but honestly, I have no idea and I don't think he does either.

Semedo - Dawson - Kilman - Toti - RAN
Traore - Lemina - Gomes
He might prefer to start Hwang instead of Traore, and have him sit on Semedo's toes again - who knows?
Hwang? Don't you mean 'Channy' :rolleyes:
Hwang has 7 goals in his last 17 games for us, he absolutely walks in right now.

Don't think you want to play him in a game he's likely to receive the ball deep quite often as he gives the ball away so much in those positions.

I'd go 532, see if Cunha & Neto can stretch them when we do get the fucker back.
Ryder cup at the weekend. Any chance that Jeff can make Gary and the vast majority of our fanbase happy?
Who's done this, then? Please don't give me another reason to feel dumb for giving GO a chance.
Gazza's pet name for him in repeated interviews
I know I'm the guy who wants to call Lemina "Lemons", but... I dunno. "Channy" doesn't sit right.
I think they all call him that, in the fifa video the other day Bentley and King were both referring to him as Channy

I guess if he's down with it then fair enough, I'll shut up.
In terms of this game I don’t think it’ll get too ugly as city can’t be arsed once they get a couple. They tend to just shut the game down completely, after the red against Forest they just sat back and took the 2-0
I was thinking he'd want 3 in midfield but then that would leave him just Hodge as sub. Don't think he'll start Silva much any more so that kinda rules out 442. Maybe the 523/541





Maybe it'll be 3 in midfield and Hodge can come on at 3-0 like a Sunday morning when you give your go-to linesman a run out as you feel bad he's paying a fiver a week (me)
Pep is moaning that they can't fly back from Newcastle tonight. Ruining his training plans ahead of beating us.
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