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New Kit


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Aug 10, 2011
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Taking it away from the Dinner Thread





That is fucking ace.
I like it. Colours good, black shoulders are good, collar definitely looks a bit loose and would have been nicer with black trim but I think overall, it's quite good.

Obviously I may feel different when I see it up close.
I reserve the right to change my opinion when we get an actual video of it being, you know, worn.
Might actually pre order this one.
I really like it, may even think about getting one.
There's nothing wrong with that neck IMO. It looks good. I don't think I'll buy it as I'm happy with my retro for now but I think that's probably the best kit we've had for years and I've really liked the last two as well.
How long until the away gets revealed? I'll have to get one or the other this year now that I'm a responsible adult.
July time for the away kit
Two months? Lame.

I'm still hoping for a throwback to the old pink and white shirt.
Not keen on the new shirt tbh, don't like the sleeves or the collar.
Don't mind it, but having only worn this season's top about 5 times I don't know if I can justify buying one.
I will get it on the day it is available. Really like it. Quality shirt.
Fucking stick on badge again. Yawn. zzzzz
I have superglue that will fasten in about 10 secs though.. #safe