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New Website

Crikey, a whole new thread about the new website :)

Doesn't seem that different content wise tbh, looks a million times better though.
Hopefully a few new signings to go with it.... ;)

I like it, much better than the old template for football leage but that isn't exactly a high bar!
Bloody hell already the speed of it impresses me. The old one had a turning circle of Kenny (Circa 2013 The Wolf)
Nice looking website and easy to get around too. Much better than the mess of a football league one.
Scales nicely to mobile too. Infact, it looks better on my phone than on my PC!
Much much better! The template one was clunky and horrid to use
They've somewhat buried this interesting announcement in the press release for the new site, too:

We will also be providing a replacement for the Wolves Player HD product, called WolvesTV which will be similar to the EFL’s iFollow.

Details of this will be announced shortly when we have finalised the details of the product with the EFL to ensure it meets the League’s broadcasting rules. This will include live matchday commentary, behind the scenes videos and live broadcasting to overseas fans, for the fixtures where this is permitted by league rules.
Ive been craving to see more behind the scenes shit. Danny Batth getting his head flushed down the bog by Doherty. etc etc
I really like it, nice and orange ;)

I quite like the colour they've used, actually - on my screen it looks lighter than the old colour, about halfway between yellow and orange, but slightly closer to yellow. If that's what the club thinks Wolves' "official" version of Old Gold is then it's not a bad choice, in that it's distinguishable from both Hull and Blackpool's oranges and Norwich and Watford's yellows.

Probably not an indication to anything kit-wise, of course.