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New Wolves Website


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Nov 8, 2016
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Hi all

For those who haven't come across it yet I would like the opportunity to introduce you to a new Wolves website.

www.wolvescompletehistory.co.uk is exactly what it says and covers the club from day one to the present day.

So far I have a number of first team seasons from 1885-1901, 02/03, 12/13, 23/4, 31/2, 38/9, 53/4, 57/8, 59/0, 65/6, 71/2, 76/7, 80/1, 85-89, 2003/4, 2011-present. (This covers all matches, Wolves & opponents line-ups, scorers, referees, why penalties were awarded, landmarks, etc)
Reserves cover 1891-1922, 31/2, 58/9, 85-88 (covers all matches, Wolves line-ups & scorers, although 1891/92 and 1892/93 are currently incomplete.)

An A-Z of as many players I can find will cover all levels of the club, first team, reserves, youth, trialists, guests etc.

You can see loads more on the site, and loads more will be added.

In time I would like to make it the most comprehensive and concise club website out there.

Please take a look and enjoy. I welcome your comments.
I've got spreadsheets showing our line up game by game for every season from 1996/7 to 2007/8 backed up somewhere (I drafted them working on something years ago). If you want them then you're more than welcome to them, stick an email address up.