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PFA Player of the Month: September

Done, Really simple voting system too, 1 click and you're done, no email sign-ups etc
Doesn't seem to work on Firefox. Just keeps sending me round in circles when I click vote now.
Done on my work machine, and phone.
Might send it globally on NHS mail. Worth the sack I think
Doesn't work for me either.
Worked fine on my computer thingy :)
If Frank gets this to work then any of you lot who failed deserve to be chucked off the Internet for good.
Fuck all on my phone either. Weird.
I suspect the page has some sort of flash element as it worked on my computer at work, but does not on either my phone or tablet.
Good lad! He's so fucking good. And tbf he could have had another 5, he's missed some pretty easy back post headers :icon_lol: