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Piers Morgan

The Bear

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Oct 21, 2009
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What an odious scrote he is. For several reasons, including this one today:


Great comeback though.
Morgan's always been a cock. Can't stand him.
What provoked the initial comment?
His massive ego
Odious individual, how he has carved out a career in tv I'll never know. There's not too many people who make my blood boil but he deffinatly is one....
the guys a right smug Anker with a capital W.

Piers Morgan too.
After seeing thread with a topic of just someone's name I half expect to open it to read "RIP"
This was what greeted me when I opened the bedroom blinds this morning. Thought it was quite apt to post in this thread.


Smack him, Gary!
more one sided than chisora-klitschko will be but strangely compelling
http://lockerz.com/s/185107934 [IMG won't work]

Oh, and here's another one from Piers;

@Frimpong26AFC you're so loyal to #Arsenal you went to Wolves. So put a DEEENNCH in it and stop pandering to the blinkered minority

Frimmys retweets we're good though. Especially the one about Wilshere must not be loyal also because he went to Bolton!
Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong has been involved in an angry Twitter exchange with celebrity fan Piers Morgan after the TV presenter called for manager Arsene Wenger to be replaced. "Just don't bring your ugly face to the Emirates because we at Arsenal are sick are tired of your abuse towards players and coach," Frimpong told Morgan
Piers Morgan reminds me of the SOCCER guy from the Fast Show.

Desperately trying to prove to everyone what a LAD he is because he likes football. Piss off you chinless berk.