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I don't normally get out of bed for quizzes of that level...
I'll take my 20/22 considering I was born in 91!
I got 22, but a few were by process of elimination.
20, but there was no way that was Mark Rankine!
It is him. I'd know that useless bastard anywhere.


The worst one is headless Michael Gilkes, only deducible by two of the other options being white and the other being discounted based on the shirt.
I'd need to be able to see the micro-feet to be certain its him.
got the Nigel Simms one wrong - if he was a goalie why was he wearing an outfield shirt ?
Deutsch, all four are black aren't they?

So they are. I obviously got it right off the shirt then. I wasn't keeping notes as I was going, I just remembered it being the only plausible answer. Just as well really as it is a fucking awful piece of work, who puts a headless picture in a "guess the player" quiz, seriously. They've quite obviously ballsed up and cropped it off by mistake.


Same muppets who got all that contract stuff wrong the other day as well.

Stop making me look anyway, the site is clunky as hell and I keep having to go back through all the answers every time.
21.... I forgot what Neil Masters looked like.
20 got the Simms and Niestroij ones wrong.
Pissed it, although I agree Simmsy took some remembering.
Only 17, but to be fair I wasn't there anything like as much in the 90's (small children, mortgage, living South of London & little money) - happy with that result (even if a couple were 'slightly' random guesses)