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Snooker thread


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Oct 27, 2009
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Now, I only have a passing interest in snooker which arose around 7 years ago so I expect others will contribute to this thread more than myself.

But something I thought worth mentioning, I see young Judd Trump has won his first ranking title today beating Mark Selby 10-8 in the China Open. Not back for a 21 year old, who also beat Murphy, Ebdon, Fu, and Mark Davis on his way to the final. Nice set up to the 2011 season!

I play a lot of snooker but tend to be less interested in the professional stuff save the World Champs. Trump is a talent indeed though.

As an aside, Mark Allen, Adrian Gunnell and Reanne Evans play in the same League as me - very rare for a professional sportman to mix with the plebs!!
you must be a good player NWW.

I see the rocket is threatening to retire...again, just cos hes not winning ever game. pathetic, he should try following Davis and Hendry, put something back into the game.

Trump looks ok, but over the longer game, not sure he would beat the likes of Higgins
I'm ok, there are far better than me in this area mate though. It's a very very good standard.

Ronnie is a prat, the world doesn't revolve around him.
I have sympathy with Ronnie, mental illness is no laughing matter. He's a troubled man who needs help, not abuse.

Higgins for the worlds this year, back to form.
About time too.

There's still a club in our local league who don't let women in the snooker room, just the bar and lounge area.