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St Lukes Church.


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Nov 26, 2009
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St Luke's Church, built 1861, is the birthplace of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. Its distinctive and unusually colourful, poly-chromatic, Gothic Revival architecture marks it out as being of national architectural importance.

The Church closed in 2014 following a Church of England consultation and is now at risk of demolition.

For anyone interested the "Save St. lukes" campaign team will be hosting a community meeting at St. Lukes Primary school, Blakenhall on Thursday 26th January at 6.00pm.
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I am surprised it isn't listed. Very distinctive architecturally and obviously the birth of the club gives it historical importance within the city.
Its Grade II* listed.
Then it should be pretty difficult to demolish. Not impossible, but there are significant hurdles.
I have never been to St. Lukes church. Before its closure was there anything in there relating to it being the birth place of Wolves?
There are a couple of plaques on the fence outside which are of old cartoons from the history of Wolves. The same pictures are in the museum and in the corridors in the directors area of the Billy Wright near the Presidential suites.
Then it should be pretty difficult to demolish. Not impossible, but there are significant hurdles.
Total loss of a heritage asset is bordering on the impossible in the planning world.
Perhaps someone should mention it to Jeff Shi, and see if he can help.
I would be amazed if any demolition plan got through planning in any way.
Blakenhall is not exactly prime developer land. I'm not even sure what you'd put there, it isn't the place for luxury flats.
Good news for those wanting to save St. Lukes church.

The Church of England have published a draft Pastoral (Church Buildings Disposal) Scheme providing for the church and churchyard to be appropriated to use as an antiques emporium or other A1 (retail) uses; and for the church hall to be appropriated for ecclesiastical purposes. They obtained valuations confirming that the church and churchyard were of nil value due to site constraints and the condition of the church, so the Commissioners contacted a heritage professional with a track record in taking on poor condition, closed Anglican churches in the Midlands and elicited an offer of £1 for the closed church building.
Whereabouts is it?

The church at the top of the hill when you walk out from the subway is called St. Peters isn't it?
St Lukes church is completely the other side of the town centre from the ground.
The main church in the city centre is st peters, yes.
It's on Upper Villiers Street, by the old Sunbeam Factory (just off the Penn Road by KFC)

Perfect directions. You can drive by and have a mooch. There is a plaque relating to the Wolves connection, which is the same cartoon as they have on the wall on the way into the Hayward Suite at Molineux. It is a cracking building, and very beautiful in a sort of nouveau way, The colours are striking.