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The First £1 million non league fee....

They've been after him for a while now.
Silly, very silly. He might turn into the next Kightly, but it's a big risk at that money, and lets face it a lot of players score goals for fun in the conference.
A lad from around where I live Stuart Fleetwood, had two good goalscoring seasons with Forest Green Rovers, then went to Charlton for a big fee and hardly got a game. Really big gamble, the gulf between the Blue Square premier and even league one is big enough, let alone the championship. Still it works sometimes, DJ Campbell and Ian Wright spring to mind.

Don't understand why this hasn't got the media attention that it should, imagine if Sterling had done this. Isn't it funny that he hasn't got fired, didn't Leicester fire a couple of players in the summer for racism?! Seems off to me.
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That's some effort to find a 3 year old thread to post a link in.
Leicester really are the greatest team to spunk money up the wall. Akinbiyi many moons ago, Mills recently for £4.5m and now Vardy.
Looking like a bargain now though.
Given his racism was also oriental in origin there does seem to be hypocrisy involved. I think we all know why though
Well, he wasn't gang banging a hooker, for a start.
There was no video, either.
Not sure how I missed that line of the article the first time through...