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The Nic Cruwys Six

LMFAO. How fucking ridiculous. lulz
The entire prosecution case will rest on whether or not the Carvers CCTV footage is ruled admissible or not. I strongly suspect that it won't be allowed as evidence unfortunately.
I can't say too much at this time, but it's relating to the Data Protection Act and the recording of the public by private organisations outside the boundaries of their property.

Personally I don't think that argument will fly at all, otherwise any security camera covering the front gate would be inadmissible because it would also be filming the road beyond. Could be an interesting legal argument though.
Unfortunately, 90% of privately owned CCTC is operated illegally in the UK. Companies have to jump through hoops to ensure that they comply with the Data Protection Act and the recording and storage of images of the public. Hopefully, the prosecution will have enough other evidence so they don't need to rely on the footage, if the accused are indeed guilty.
5 of the charged have now pleaded Guilty


3 guilty of GBH
1 guilty of affray
1 guilty for threatening behaviour
long lasting right sided weakness. not a nice thing to be left with.
Also shame on the dickhead Wolves fan John Davies victim blaming him in the comments underneath.
I named this thread "The Nic Cruwys Six." The five mentioned today were all charged with GBH with intent, as was a 14 year old (number 6) who pleaded guilty at some point before the trial. The Five have now all pleaded guilty to lesser offences (with lesser penalties), while the stupid 14 year old thug, who fessed up prior to the trial and who was unlikely to be the controlling mind of the group, is the only one who will be sentenced for the greater offence. Don't think I have any sympathy for any of these animals - I hope they all get lengthy terms at HM pleasure - but it does seem a bit of an anomaly.
I say well done to those Wolves fans who gave evidence at the trial,could have been easy to felt intimidated by these little fuckers.
No doubt the sentences will be fucking pathetic though and i can see one of em on the E&S site laughing as he comes out of court.
I see the judge has lifted the media ban on the names of the two youngest thugs.
Connor Pearson, 16, was given 12 months detention and an eight year football banning order (FBO) after admitting grievous bodily harm.
Joe Wood, 15, was handed a four years and eight month sentence and a 10 year FBO after admitting grievous bodily harm with intent.
Joseph Lister, 19, of of Palmer Close, Wednesfield, who was given. 30 months detention after admitting grievous bodily harm.
Ryan Meer, 19, of Watling Street, Gailey, pleaded guilty to affray and was given an eight months suspended sentence and ordered to do 200 hours of unpaid work. He was given a four year FBO.
Robert Beech, also 19 and of Springhill Road, Wednesfield, was given two months detention, suspended for 12 months, after admitting threatening behaviour.
Daniel Lloyd, 19, of Longfellow Road, Sedgley, had admitted grievous bodily harm but the case against him was adjourned as he had no legal representation.