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The Wolves are on a cup run verdict thread.


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Nov 26, 2009
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I have been at a game tonight, so imagine my surprise when I learnt that we had won within the 90 minutes.
Suspect defence still, but better than in previous years.

B'ham lose out to Oxford who score a winner in the last minute of extra time :icon_biggrin:
Im only interested in hearing how Tex, Costa and Dadi played...
We won two League Cup games in normal time last season.

Watched the second half on the Facebook stream. The defence looks appalling, no organisation, panicking whenever the ball's loose, caught square all the time, routinely looking in trouble against a League Two team. We're getting next to nothing from our pre-Fosun players at all, very few of them look like they even want to stake a claim to play a part in the new era.

Can't keep going in with a left side of Doherty and Henry, how are you ever going to get anywhere with two players who can't run, turn or kick the ball with their left foot? We desperately need to fix that above anything else, use what we have at the club if need be.

Bodvarsson looked good again from the grainy pictures and we need to get him and Mason starting together. We haven't had to change it two times in a row at half time by accident.
Thoughts on tonight...

So it was my first visit to the Mol tonight for the cup game...

Thought I'd chuck my two pence in and see what you guys thought.

- Tex - Some player that kid is, I swear, he's the most exciting player we've managed to get at the Wolves in ten years.
(I'm sure my brain is thinking that ten years ago was when DeWolf and Thomo were still around...I'm getting old).
I'm thinking he may be a slight liability sometimes, kid clearly has a bit of fire, but God do we need some!

- Big Dadi - Definite player!! Looks like he's got tekkers, a touch and pace. Got a feeling he could be an absolute find!

- The defence - Looked criminal at times tonight, including Lonergan.

Everyone knows we can't build a new team around three or four potential match winners? If we're going to rebuild we've got to cut the chaff. I'm not saying we should just go and waste tons of the new funding, but there's got to be a time we bring in some experience and established players. A John O'Shea for example (I DON'T actually mean him, but you get the jist). Like when Incy came I suppose...
We all know that the team isn't going to be Prem superstars in a season - and it shouldn't be expected. If we couldn't cut Crawley's defence in half every time we had possession tonight, then we need to realise there's a way to go.

In all honesty though, I'm proper buzzing about being a Wolves an again. I've never lost it, but you can just kinda feel it...and at times tonight, I definitely did.

Wolves Ay We.

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Just seen the goals. Scrappy but they will do. Concerned we conceded from a near post set piece again! We must learn and quick. Better sides will expose us!
Well i don't usually do cup games but i thought i would give this one a go with the new manager and all that, glad i did. Started with 1 up top that didn't really work mainly because Mason can't play that role but Bod could do it quite easily, things improved massively when he came on. I've seen quite negative reports but overall i'm optimistic and these cup games are never easy as we usually find out. Goal we conceded was poor and was coming as we failed to mark at the corner before, Walter will want to sort that out.

Lonergan - Didn't kick well at all, couple of flappy punches and one pulled clearance in the first half but made a good save at 1-1. I still think we need a better goalkeeper.

Coady - Did ok at right back, got beat a few times but that was to be expected. In the right place for his goal and couldn't miss and an excellent clearance off the line.

Batth - More assured on the ball but doesn't communicate and a few times he had a go at Hause when it was his fault. Did play one fantastic 60 yard ball out wide.

Hause - Comfortable on the ball even if he doesn't always look it, needs to move it quicker sometimes but defended pretty well i thought.

Doherty - Didn't pick his man up for the header that was cleared off the line, was never anywhere near him. Got skinned a couple of times and took some awful touches, not at his best.

Wallace - Was the best player in the first half, should of scored when he hit the post before Mason tapped in, played a couple of excellent crosses into the box and everything we created seemed to come through him in some way.

Teixeira - So comfortable on the ball, looks a real player. Definitely excited to see him play this season, always wants the ball and looking to create something. Harshly booked in my opinion as he was definitely clipped by a high foot.

Price - Did as Price always does, moved the ball and always looked for it. Few good set pieces including the one for the winner. If we can get him and Evans in the team at the moment we have to unless we bring someone better in.

Evans - I rate him, always wants the ball and moves it so well. He give it away sometimes but for some reason they are the ones people remember. Also looked better defensively and i want him in the team.

Henry - Shouldn't have been out there, he did nothing of note and i can't remember him touching the ball until the tackled Teixeira and lost the ball. Rightly taken off at half time.

Mason - Scored and was much better after the break in particular his movement but he lacks the required quality on the ball. Missed an absolute sitter and when he made the runs couldn't beat a man to create anything. Like Coady he was in the right place at the right time to tap in after Wallace had hit the post.


Bod - Looks a real good buy. Excellent in the air and on the deck, has good feet for quite a big lad. Makes clever runs and always a threat and already a hero with the crowd. Could watch him play every week for sure.

Costa - All left foot. Started on the right and came inside a lot but had a couple of shots blocked. Struggled a bit physically to start with but seemed to be targeted at one point. Had one run where he seems to realise it was physical once moved to the left and shrugged his man off to create a good chance for Mason but he hit the post. When he gets up to speed and fully understands how physical the league will be then he will be another very good signing.

Edwards - Not on long enough to do anything really.

Overall i'm very optimistic with everything, the new signings all looked good and have improved us massively. I can't wait for Saturday now.
We won. Walter is undefeated. :)