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TWF Euro 2016 Sweepstakes

Stan Hullis

Talked the talk and walked the walk.
Nov 24, 2010
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Hi all, back again for the 3rd tournament in a row for the TWF sweeps. (Here are the previous efforts)

Same deal as usual - £10 in gets you 2 teams. Top 12 seeds + one other. Money to be paid by bank transfer or Paypal, whichever you prefer.

Going to need 12 people for this so far we have:

1. Stan Hullis
2. Murphy
3. Machin
4. PLF
Put me down too, I won last time :)

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I'm in.

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Ah go on then Stan
I'm in however it may take some time work out how to paypal you the funds as I've only ever used it for your sweepstakes!
I'm in Stan - bank transfer for me.
Nice one. I'll bank transfer - save on the paypal fees :D
We'll have a pot of £120 to play with. Similar to the World Cup competition I am thinking we split it:

£75 to the winner
£35 to the runner up
£10 back to the winner of the golden boot?

Open to suggestions.

Teams will be drawn from Pot 1 & 2 and then Pot 3 & 4 as per the tournament draw http://www.footballseeding.com/international-tournaments/euro-2016/

Maybe send £10 back to the owner of the first team to be officially knocked out, only a suggestion. Then if your team is doing rubbish, you'll be cheering them on to lose :)
Count me in - so long as it's okay to bank transfer Saturday/ Sunday!

Tenner to first team knocked out I reckon as suggested by Murphy
Just send it as a gift through paypal , no fees then.

For some reason, my account won't let me do that. Not sure why. I'm happy to do a transfer anyways.
Stan - presume that you will pm payment details/timing to us all

Am away from early tomorrow morning till sometime Sunday - hopefully that will be soon enough (unless details come out to us this evening)
I'm in. PM me your PayPal address Stan and I'll get you a tenner over fee-free.
Stan, are we going ahead with this? No problem if you are too busy.