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Twitter Abuse


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Aug 10, 2011
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Not sure how certain players put up with the shit they get on Twitter. Stan Collymore gets a fair a bit and tonight he has received the following from one person

Max ‏@OscarTurns 9m9 minutes ago
@CruyffsChild @StanCollymore Only thing I can confirm is Collymore being a coon

Max ‏@OscarTurns 17m17 minutes ago
@Rich_Taylor1978 @StanCollymore Doesn't change the fact that he's a tree swinging coon. Typical monkey.

Max ‏@OscarTurns 7m7 minutes ago
@CruyffsChild @StanCollymore NO, just saying Collymore's a coon

Max ‏@OscarTurns 9m9 minutes ago
@StanCollymore You should get ANALLY RAPED by a herd of gorillas, you banana munching, cotton picking, tree swinging coon. Fucking fuck off!

Staggering stuff.
That surely has to be actionable by Stan, the Police, or both. People think they are beyond sanction on twitter and facebook, and each time someone gets taken to the cleaners very publicly, the better really.
I think Stan passes it on the police.

All this abuse is from Chelsea fans who do not agree with his view point that Costa should be banned.
Needs some really serious sanction against these people who don't think they can be found, but are no more competent with IT than I am and can be

One or two might get the message then

(Then again not sure why they bother with twitter knowing what the likely response is going to be)
Some people don't deserve the air they breathe.
Seriously? Good Lord. So having an opinion (much as I sometimes want to smash my head into a wall at some of Stan Collymore's opinions) entitles you to some pretty vile abuse? Appalling stuff, and I really hope Stan Collymore passes the tweets to the Police and these people get in appropriate levels of the shit for typing such vile stuff.