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Welcome to wolves Ben Stevenson

Welcome to Wolves......enjoy Colchester
Check the comments to this on twitter. Some lad just told me he don't give a fuck about the academy and another saying 'announcing a player or at least just us nothing is happening'. The sense of entitlement and demand for instant gratification for these people is unreal.
Just another example of why a lot of our fans are basically utter cunts
Yeah. It's very hard to be genuinely unhappy this season, even when you try. Even the L1 season and the Champ promotions don't come close for me, granted my first proper fan year was probably 1990 so not a tremendous amount of other options for me during this time, but the signing of Jota and the statement from the club was a pretty magical sign of intent and optimism.
I'd have loved Wolves to have done a really elaborate reveal video for this lad just to troll the cunts parading as Wolves fans on social media.

Announce Afobe or we boycott. Eyebleach.
Fuck me. Boycott away you needy cunts. We don't need your "support"
The amount of pant wetting is absurd.
If we don't sign anybody,and I don't think we will now,can we play catchphrase bingo on social media?
Fosun out
No ambishun
Doing it on the cheap aye we
twitter asshats aside, any input on this kid? I don't pay attention to lower leagues or college sports. decent prospect?
Played quite a few games for Coventry last season, not so much this season but some Cov fans seem to rate him even if he couldn't get in their team currently. They seem annoyed with the club for selling him
Apparently played well part of last season but faded badly is the assessment.
Not good enough to get in their team this year but has some talent maybe for the future.
They seem more annoyed that they'd have got decent money for him a year ago.
They say he's a good forward thinking player passing the ball but lacks a bit of steel and physicality.

Sounds a bit like RonanLite.
Cov mate of mine rates him. Says he's a decent prospect. He said a couple of days ago he'd want £2m for him. He's pretty disappointed this evening, especially as he didn't go on loan to them
sounds like it may have some promise then. always a good sign when people are disappointed seeing a player leave, even better if they're also mad about the fee.

welcome to the club and best of luck in your development.