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Wolves 4 - 3 Leeds | Verdict Thread


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Sep 27, 2010
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That was ridiculous. Nearly broke my toe when Edwards scored.

So, so out of character and sloppy for the three goals against, but the three points is all that matters.

Think I need to lie down now too.
Wow! What a game!

Wolves were at times fantastic, but we gifted Leeds 3 goals!

Molineux was absolutely bouncing and the South Bank was electric, hair tingling stuff at points!

"It's magic, you know! Dicko, Afobe, Sako!"
I'll be very excited to watch this game back later. In the moment I'm sure it was Hell but in the long run this will be one of those classic games we watch highlights of for years.
It was a great game and we did let in 2 silly goals but a win is a win no matter how it comes.
Cracking game, gave away a couple of daft goals but the South Bank was what being a football fan is all about today, tremendous,!
Fucking insane game. South Bank was fantastic!
Stupid, ludicrous goals to concede. All three of them, even if Mowatt's was an exceptional strike, we had the ball five seconds before it went in the back of the net. We made what should have been a very comfortable game - we are miles better than Leeds all over the park - exceptionally difficult. We deserved to win it on the balance of play but when it's your own slapdash play which puts you in trouble it is infuriating.

Edwards got the goal and took it very well but that was such a negative sub, Leeds were not in control of the game, this was not a situation where we needed extra legs in there. Taking off Dicko massively reduced our firepower, why you would do that when we're only one goal in front is beyond me. Make that sub when the game situation demands it, fine, today was not that situation. But we got away with it and we're in the top six, I suppose that's all that matters.

Dicko MOTM followed by Iorfa, Price and Afobe.
Phew, great win in the end, some terrific attacking play but the commentators called it right when we were at 3-1, started over complicating things combined with 3 awful pieces of defending = edge of the seat stuff.......its why we love footy I think
We were very good going forward, and not that good defending..three points though is what really matters!
Think Jackett put Edwards on partly because we had started giving the ball away far to easily and Leeds were starting to dominate possession.
Thats the best I've seen Iorfa play by the way, absolutely solid and dynamic defending and getting forward when he could, that kid is gunna be special and should always play at full back imo
If Danny Bath listened to Ikeme shout then I think we'd have gone on to win with comfort, I thought Leeds were poor and should have been buried into the earth after we went 3-1 up.
What Deutsche said. I was absolutely raging when he took Dicko off, and Edwards was pretty poor for a while so I kept moaning about him. Was made to eat my words big time when he scored, fantastic header.

If I was Kenny I'd be giving them an absolute bollocking fit how we almost threw it away there, we can't be gifting away goals like those today. Leeds did absolutely fuck all in that game.

Saying that, we were very comfortable for the most part and controlled the game for the most part. Just a couple of stupid stupid mistakes, no idea what was going through McDonald and Batths heads for the first two goals.

Football, bloody hell!
If I was Kenny I'd be giving them an absolute bollocking fit how we almost threw it away there, we can't be gifting away goals like those today. Leeds did absolutely fuck all in that game.

Football, bloody hell!
Agree 100%. Got me called a 'pant wetter' in the matchday thread for possibly questioning it, mind.

Delighted with the win but we really shouldn't have given Leeds a sniff.
Really don't think there's anything much better at the moment than our forward three in this league an absolute delight to watch.
Give me the drama that we had today over a bore 1-0 win any day.
At 3-1 we should definitely have killed them off. We seemed to relax when we need to be boosting our goal difference. Had Afobe 's effort gone in might have been a different story

Price was superb I thought, along with Dicko, Afobe, Sako and Iorfa
Watched the game in Spain where I live. Thought we were going to drop 2 points, but Dave the Rave won it for us with a great header.
We gifted Leeds their first 2 goals, and as Don Goodman said, quiet rightly, we became complacent.
What was Danny Batth thinking, you could see that Ikeme was shouting my ball.
Still it's 3 points and it's in our own hands now.