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Boris at it again

Sniffer Grouse

Staff member
If you made this up nobody would believe you.

8. Serco’s CEO is the brother of an ex-Tory MP. His partner is a Tory donor. Serco’s ex-head of PR is now a Tory Health Minister

9. If you feel all this is a bit corrupt, you can complain to the govt’s Anti-Corruption Champion, John Penrose, who is married to Dido Harding

Deutsch Wolf

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So aye, after saying that No Deal was a one in a million chance, the fat cunt now reckons we need to prepare for it. Although he calls it "the Australia solution". Well they don't have a deal, so it's no deal then, isn't it Tubbs.


Staff member
I've asked this question to various Brexiters and never got an answer.

If no deal Brexit is so benign, and desirable even, why have the government spent 4 years desperately trying to avoid it?

Wilf Wolf

Active member
Absolute genius protecting the fishing industry at the expense of industries such as car manufacturing. What could possibly go wrong adding 10% to car exports?