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The Clique and how to join it...

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Jan 15, 2010
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It has become increasingly apparent that some posters on the Forum don't feel welcome and feel that their opinion is constantly questioned and dissected by a Cabal of posters known only as "The Clique". Some of these posters are even brave enough to NAME the posters that they believe head this Illuminati style cult. (I'm looking at you Cyber and Prawnking!)
I would just like to take time to address a few things from the following two posts on the Brighton verdict thread...



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Premier Quality said:
Who even are the clique these days? Or is there more than one? Want to be clear how much of a loser I am not to be in one?
"I will put it out there because I don’t really give two fucks

dw langers trips punts Booz kenny jabba keef seem to agree with each other lots . Langers and dw are the couple with the love in. DW seems to have forum immunity. Every cunt loves him 😘
Prawn PQ , me Norman Jinky Johnny 75 seem to be the other group especially after a Johnny lay off! Everyone deserves their opinion. Debate it , that’s fine. However there are times when rudeness, bullying and unnecessary shite gets bandied. I really thought as a pack we were better than that and in 2021 I will try to be"

Firstly Jonathan, where the bloody hell is MY name from the list?! :ROFLMAO: I called you by your real world name, does this mean that you could be associated with The Clique? 😮
What we have here is a Forum set up by Wolves fans, for Wolves fans. A number of the members know each other but this has been a gradual thing. I met a few not so regular and some banned posters back in the time of the old BBC606 site. (Wolfie Phil, Frank and a few others).
From moving onto this platform I got to meet a number of the people who helped start it and we now meet, pre and post game, to have a beer and to "chat shit". Who meets up and who can meet up? On a regular basis, if you pop into the Royal London before the game on a match day, you might meet Deutsch, Parkin, Aiki, Boozad, Trips, Johnny, Pablo, Kenny, Paddy, North Dorset Wolf, SamWolf, Weasel and me. I know that there will be a few more that I haven't mentioned but my memory ain't what it used to be and it's been TOO LONG since we have been able to meet for a beer and catch up. I have, on many occasions, thrown out an invitation to many others to come down and meet us all. Cyber has come down and a few others have too. I'm sure that Cyber can vouch to the fact that it is just a group of Wolves fans who are friendly to any who comes along. Malta Mick came and met us when he came over for some games in the early days and I have met Jabba in a pub in Middlesbrough that I got the name of wrong, Glasgow on a cold Tuesday in Carlisle in League One and NE Wolf on occasion too including the Sunderland away promotion party.
I have met Del, Jinky and WilfWolf. I met Vis on Paddy's stag do as well as a few times in London when my brother and I have attended the American Football. In fact I was an outsider but Paddy very kindly extended an invitation to me to go to Edinburgh for his stag after someone dropped out and I feel I left a lasting impression on the posters I met, the bouncers at one particular pub and the pavements of Edinburgh itself! (if you know, you know)
Now within the list of names above there are people with a myriad of views on Wolves from the "look where we were 5 years ago, glass half full types" (guilty as charged M'Lord) to the "That was shit and things need to be done, glass half empty" types but we all have one thing in common, our love for Wolves.
Just as there are on the Forum but, as with any walk of life, in such a small sample of fans, you will have a number with the same view or outlook and so, when they post, they say similar things, be it positive or negative. They don't have regular, weekly, committee meeting to decide which posts or posters they should challenge, they don't set out to denigrate or insult any poster but they do have the right to their opinions the same as anyone else and that goes for whatever your view is. With that right to post comes the right to challenge or be challenged, that's what a Forum is about...


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Trips said:
The point of the forum is discussion.
"Let's be totally honest... this kind of 'discussion' mainly tends to involve half a dozen regulars of varying degrees of self-satisfaction taking it in turns winding up a different bloke who's just having a moan about his football team, all while liking each others posts and then saying that posters like him are poisonous and ruining the forum.
Mate, you're free to say how you see it, just like I am.

What you call 'being challenged' others may see as being 'picked on' by a 'clique'

It doesn't need six people to challenge one bloke."

In reply to the bolded stuff, and probably the entire post tbh, different posters read the threads at different times and so what you see as "posters taking turns to put the boot in" is just people seeing something that they disagree with at different times of the day or night and giving they're opinion. So, six people "challenging the bloke" happened over 10 pages with many other posters making other posts that were equally challenged and/or agreed with.

This "I've just joined so I'm not in the Clique" BS that gets bandied around is neither helpful nor constructive, it gives a false impression that some posters decide who can post and who can't. I find that it really isn't like that at all, but unhelpful "oh here comes the Clique again" posts do as much damage to the status quo or balance of the Forum because it puts new posters on edge and makes them see personal attacks where there aren't any.

I'm sorry if Cyber or Prawn think I have singled out their posts from the verdict thread but I felt that they gave me the best platform to present this post and debunk the idea that anyone is an outsider or that a clique is out to get you. So, in answer to the thread title, there isn't one and if there WAS you can join anytime you want to if we are ever allowed back into a pub again
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As someone who reads most threads but posts very little, it looks to me like:

- Certain posters air unpopular opinions (as is their right)

- These opinions get challenged by those who disagree, which tends to happen on a message board.

- The posters then see this as an onslaught and lash back with terms such as 'clique'.

Solution? Maybe these posters need to accept that they hold views that don't match that of the majority. There's nothing wrong with that. Work on defending those arguments instead of throwing your toys out of the pram.
It's all about misconceptions. really, and I am as bad as everyone else, I avoid the matchday thread as I have the view that certain posters are revelling in our misfortune, now this is not the case but I've convinced myself otherwise, but that is my issue not theirs.

edited as I realised I'd said exactly the same as Sedgley Wolfs post with out reading it
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It's all about misconceptions. really, and I am as bad as everyone else, I avoid the matchday thread as I have the view that certain posters are revelling in our misfortune, now this is not the case but I've convinced myself otherwise, but that is my issue not theirs.
I think I need to learn from you 🤦‍♂️
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