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Aston Villa (H) 06/05: Build-Up & Match Thread

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Hehehehe fuck you Emi.
Whether it works or not, I just don't like it. There was no need, we weren't under the cosh, it's just inviting them onto us
I guess I’d say that if Lop drills the formation properly it doesn’t absolutely invite pressure.

Nearly there now.
Good man, Dawson! Coolest head in the town.
Excellent. Shame he didn't quite spot the ball to his left when he first got it though.
Sa should have fallen to the ground like all other goalies there
would be nice to reach 40 pts now, must be enough
Get the fuck in. Well done to the lads. Exactly the response needed.
There it is! Nice :)
Hats off JL. Wasn't pretty but that should be it now.
Verdict thread is up guys. Closing.
Not open for further replies.