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August Player of the Month

Player of the Month, August 2015

  • Ikeme

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  • Doherty

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  • Golbourne

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  • Dicko

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  • Afobe

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  • McDonald

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  • Iorfa

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  • Ojo

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  • Ebanks-Landell

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  • Martinez

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  • Le Fondre

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Deutsch Wolf

aka Dawn
Oct 16, 2009
Reaction score
Just got an email from the club asking me to vote.

Slim pickings this month but I'll be going for Coady. Hopefully I have a bit more choice in September.
Stearman surely.....?

(In all seriousness, I agree with Deutsch)
Stearman was our most consistent performer during August. Just edges out Coady for me.

Edwards the only other contender.
No option to vote for Stearman on the official vote though which is poor IMO.
Probably because it would be rigged, loads would vote for him through their dislike of Morgan and Moxey rather than their appreciation of him.
One what Trev says, two there is no point giving a player who doesn't play for you player of the month, three he doesn't deserve it but I'm not sure who would anyway when we've been poor in all 3 games I've seen this year.
I'll go for Coady. Then Afobe and Edwards closely follow him
Afobe - Simply for being a professional and not going all Berahino on our asses....
Really?! I don't think any of our defenders have shown anywhere near enough consistency.

The defence as a whole has been shaky and suffered for the loss of Batth but Stearman was solid. Didn't do a thing wrong and IMO was actually looking better than last season for having moved to right sided CB.

Whether we were right to sell him is another debate but in the four games I saw this month he was our best player and it doesn't sound like anyone came out of the Charlton game with much credit. All the other contenders have had poor periods mixed in with good play, Stears was more consistent.
He who has had a hand (literally) in a lot of our goals so far - Edwards.
Edwards for me. Purely based on scored a couple and set up a couple, except for Hull on TV I haven't seen us play so can only go off match reports on here and in the press.
Dangerous Dave...
Based on the two games I've seen (one tele one live) then Henry as he scored in the one and was probably MOTM in the other
Voted Afobe because I'm American and don't often get the broadcasts so I hardly know my ass from a hole in the ground. But he didn't go to Norwich so Player of the Month for me.