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Balotelli to Liverpool.


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Nov 26, 2009
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I can't believe all the utter bollocks in the press about this, it's a no brainer.

16 million in this day and age wouldn't get you a decent donkey to cart your olives home. If he scores 20+ goals this season, i wouldn't care if he humped the chairman's wife, his daughter and his great grandmother, and i suspect neither does the chairman.

Liverpool must be pissing themselves laughing at this one, it's a steal, not to mention how their world marketing platform will take a huge rise. he's worth it for the shirt sales alone.
He won't get 20 goals.
True, he won't. But getting Balotelli for that price shows how ridiculous the Ross McCormack deal was.
Especially if they sell Borini for £14m.
It's a gamble,and he's probably already fallen out with someone...possibly the chairman's wife. :)
I didn't think the Lambert signing made much sense at the time, even less so when they were linked with Remy and now that they've signed Balotelli you have to wonder why they bothered.
Mario is a fruitcake who intersperses genuinely class displays with genuine pub standard displays. A roughly 1:5 ratio in that sense with nothing in between. He also never, ever assists and won't take penalties for Liverpool. His goal record is shit without them.

City paid £25m for him in 2010. They sold him to Milan for £22m and now he's going for £16m. All this when he's in his mid 20s and the market has inflated significantly in the last four years. His value is falling for a multitude of good reasons.

He and Sturridge do not on face value look like a good fit as neither of them ever pass the ball, ever.
He acts like a prick on and off the field but if he can actually give a damn when he plays, liverpool have made a good signing but only time will tell. As it stands they've signed a child who throws his toys out of his pram when told "no"
L'pool supporting friend of mine reckons he'll net between 12-14 goals in the league this season. Thoughts?
I concur. Probably in all comps though. Not just the league.
Also note: he thinks that's without pens.

Dan need not respond.

Incidentally, Balotelli's record over his career is one goal every 140 minutes, which is just one minute on average longer than... Luis Suarez. *dun dun dun*
Mario Balotelli's last 20 Premier League appearances:

39 shots
1 goal
0 assists
2.6% chance conversion rate.


Lackadaisical pile of shit.
He swapped his shirt at half time while they were losing 3-0? Fucks sake the bloke is a moron